Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's in YOUR Bag??

Welcome to Savoir-Flair's new weekly series called "What's in Your Bag??" I'm so excited to give you the "inside scoop" about young, modern women and the daily essentials hidden in their handbags. I know we were all taught never to rummage through someone's purse, but such treasures are hidden in gorgeous bags!!! Perhaps we'll discover a fab new concealer or the perfect planner...

Whether you call them pocket books, purses or totes, these little stowaways get us through our days. Almost every woman takes them with us to work, going out, running errands and on trips. So what do we all put inside them that makes them so necessary?

My dear friend Emily Lackey of Raleigh spends her days keeping up with her precious toddler Van. In her spare time, she tutors high school students and updates her blog In the Palm of My Hand. She stays on the go and not only has to have her own personal items at hand but also must be ready for her son's every need. Sounds like a big bag would definitely be in order!!

To get her through her busy days out and about, Emily carries the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote. I have to say, this diaper bag beats all other ones in the way of style. You would never know this tote was designed to carry children's essentials. Bravo to Emily for an ADULT choice in the way of mom-on-the-go storage!

Inside, Emily stores cloths from Beanie + Cecil Baby at hand for Van. The stylish store isn't just for the ladies any more!

To keep her schedule (and those of her husband and baby) organized, Emily carries the Kate Spade Anne Canvas Personal Agenda. This casual little planner offers durability while keeping Emily on top of her game!

To keep her looking fresh throughout the day, Emily carries Benefit Erase Paste and Hello Flawless powder and Bobbi Brown creamy lipstick in Vintage Rose.

Finally, to protect her pretty blue peepers, Emily wears these sassy shades from H & M...good for those early Mothers Morning Out days...

Hopefully for all you young moms or moms-to-be out there, you have gathered some good tips from what's inside Emily's bag. I know I'm only a mom of dogs, but I might have to make a trip to Sephora or Bobbi Brown now...


  1. I can promise you it's a cleaner diaper bag than mine. Mine has dog toys and snowy mittens and a pen knife. Em can always be relied upon for a clean bag or organized closet!

  2. I have that bag in brown, but that is the only similarity. I might go clean mine out right now, or tomorrow, new years resolution!


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