Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Week, Long Weekend

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I have Monday off next week and it couldn't have come at a better time. My house is a wreck, I'm sick of working (shh...don't tell) and I have a lot of creative energy I need to put to good use. Sounds like it will be a (long) weekend of cleaning, decluttering and getting organized...

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Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mary Had a Painted Floor

via Mary McDonald

If you've watched "Million Dollar Decorators" or seen a few of Mary McDonald's sensuously designed interiors, then you know Mary loves a painted floor. And, now, I do too.

Mary McDonald via Bravo TV

Nearly every aspect of a Mary McDonald room calls my name- her use of color, implementation of geometric shapes and graphic prints, the glamorous overtones- not undertones. But her painted floors are particularly attractive. Perhaps that's because I'm not brave enough to do that to my own wood floors. But they sure make a statement and look gorgeous!

via Sara Gilbane Interiors

via Mary McDonald

via Bravo TV

For a similar take with less commitment, go a la Kate Spade and use colored vinyl tape to create your striping. OR arrange patterned FLOR carpet tiles for a little texture. Such great ideas!

via 221 Vision

via FLOR

Do you ever get the desire to go full on Mary and open up a can of whoop-paint? Admittedly, I don't want to mess up my floors but a low commitment version of this style would be fun. If you have any tips, or painter's tape, let me know!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fringe Benefits

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Fringe can be tricky but this Sachin + Babi look is so chic to me. Stay away from the '80s by keeping hair and make-up simple and easy. Also, don't buy any fringe pieces in a pastel or turquoise blue- for some reason, all I can think of is "Dallas." The tv show, not the fabulous city that I adore. At any rate, this fall will be a great time to invoke Western style with rich burgundies, supple suedes and now swingy fringes!

Let me know if you find out who shot J.R.

A Fan

As you may know, this blog typically focuses on style, fashion, decorating and the occasional entry about entertainment. However, today I have to broaden the scope a little to write about one of my newest, and possibly most ridiculous, obsessions. In advance, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding...

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Meet my new obsession: the Dyson Air Multipler, the little bladeless fan that could...and does. To understand my appreciation of this bit of design genius, you must know two things about me: (1) I cannot sleep without a fan and (2) I do not want any eye sores anywhere in my will be thrown have been warned. This need for constant airflow and white noise has led to the purchase of a great many heinous metal fans that result in a clanging p.o.s. puffing out little bit of a breeze after a year or two of solid use.

Yet, upon meetin this little gem at Best Buy, my home cooling, sleeping and design needs were all met at once. To think I'm such a fan..of a fan.

(Oh, hello, Mr. Dyson- you cheeky inventor, you!)

via Guardian

I have done the research and asked many questions. There are quite a few reasons why this little buddy comes at such a high price. Of course, I'm not ready to shell out the dough for a fan, but if money was no object, or Santa really wanted to get me something I would never buy myself, this Dyson dream would be on my list.

I can say that this blows out an unprecedented amount of COLD air without those whacky air waves that blades produce. You can alter its speed, make it oscillate, all of that fun stuff. It's also a gorgeous color of blue that I wouldn't mind people noticing somewhere in my house!

With this summer's "heat dome" hovering over the East Coast and every other part of the country, there is certainly a case for this type of purchase. One computer tech raved that he noticed a 10 degree cooler temp in his computer suite within one day of using this little gem. Imagine if you could save money on your power bill because of an ingenious fan!

Anyway, thank you for indulging me today. I promise to get back on track after today. Just wanted to see if there were any more fans out there...

Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Friday and I Like It.

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Happy Weekend!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fresh Scallops

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Are choosing and installing light fixtures daunting to anyone else besides me? I happened to win an awesome, glittery capiz shell chandelier from a blog giveaway a few months ago and had planned to hang it in place of a heinous pendant light I inherited upon purchasing my house. However, when I went to install, the chandelier hung way too low for anyone more than 5'6" to gain clearance. (Not a problem for me, but...)

I should know better about this topic, though. And if the film industry has taught me anything, it's that Circa Lighting is the end all, be all for light fixtures. So I took my pathetic, beat-down-on-lighting soul to their web site in search of the perfect replacement...


Small Scallop Light via Circa Lighting

I think I'm in love! I've never seen one of these in person before but I'm thinking it's just the bit of laid-back glamour that my little hallway needs. It's feminine but not girly and cheerful in an understated way. I'm thinking a brass finish might be more geared to my coral hallway's decor...but I digress...

We Heart It

via Circa Lighting

via DecorPad

And did you know that Circa makes this style in a table lamp?? Shut up.

via Circa Lighting

As I gather my wits and get ready for this lighting re-do, please let me know if you are interested in acquiring one beautiful capiz shell chandelier. While I absolutely love it, I sadly have no place for it. It's packaged in its original box and ready to ship! For more information about it, visit here.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girl Crush: Emma Stone

via French Vogue

Emma Stone is the cutest. Didn't you just love her in "Superbad" like a 20 years ago? (Okay, maybe it was only 4 years ago.) While my luster for McLovin may have faded, I've only grown more fond of this platinum blonde gone ravishing redhead.

Remember when she solidified her style status earlier this year at the Golden Globes? This momentous occasion might have been the first time I really started looking at Emma Stone as a budding fashion maven.

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Now, Stone graces the covers of Elle and Vanity Fair, giving candid and entertaining interviews that make you feel like you're listening to your best pal...and taking photographs that are simply stunning.

Her next flick, the much-anticipated feature film "The Help," debuts on August 10 and I can't wait. I not only look forward to seeing her, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain's performances but I also am anxious to see their premiere looks. The costumes in this movie are also sure to give us all a longing for that Southern country club appeal of the 1960s.

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via IMDB

via IMDB

This young actor has the Midas touch...look what it did to her own golden locks! Can't wait to see where we see her next.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mother Jeans

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No, I'm not talking about Mom Jeans, though hilarious they may be. Today, I'm talking about Mother, one of my new favorite denim designers.

Perhaps you're not an avid reader of Elle, Vogue or Harper's Bazaar and have never heard of these guys before. Maybe you don't get daily emails from Shopbop or Bergdorf Goodman. If you don't Tweet, you never saw the glamorous gal behind BG's social media campaign post this photo below and unknowingly commence my desire to own a pair of these bad ass jeans.

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Do you watch "90210?" The new one? No? I guess you don't know who this stylish chick is either then...

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Okay, well good thing I came along to introduce you to Mother. Tim Kaeding and Lela Tillem combined forces in 2010, hailing from 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity, in the quest to make comfortable, stylish jeans. If 7's and Citizens are any indications of how Mother will fit and hold up, I think I'm gonna like it here.

via Shopbop

via Shopbop

via Shopbop

via Shopbop

If I can look as good as Bergdorf's PR girl in the Drama flared jeans, they will have to become mine. It hurts to cheat on my usual suspects, since I would consider myself more of an MiH and J Brand girl. But when you work in a room that feels like a meat locker five days a week, you can never have too many jeans, right?

At least, that's what Mother always says.


Okay, so I didn't make it to try on the jeans until this past weekend. Sadly, the Dramas were not as cute on me as BG's p.r. maven. However, the trouser jeans (pictured at the top of the Shopbop shots) were quite fetching! All of these pants were very lightweight and super comfortable. Highly recommend them, especially if you have NO hips.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Fete Nationale

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Obviously, I'm a lover of ze French. (Hello, blog title...) It just so happens that today, in France, is Bastille Day or La Fete Nationale. It also just so happens that my very own sister is in France as we speak! (Bonjour, sissy!) For these reasons, I'd like to take this day to celebrate French style.

J'adore the Parisian chic. The French girls epitomize casual glamour, which has always been my personal style preference. I'm wearing a giant fur coat while getting coffee. So what?

via Marie Claire

Day or night, the look is effortless. Read: not sloppy. EFFORTLESS. Relaxed. Not forced.

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via Garance Dore

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Of course, nobody does glamour better. Even Americans in France know how to step it up just enough while visiting Paris...


via Garance Dore

via Garance Dore

Bringing a little joie de vivre into your wardrobe this summer is so simple. Take a cue from Anja Rubik above and pair a basic tee with ragged cut-offs a seriously elegant jacket, preferably in tweed. Or weigh down a sweet, breezy dress with ballet flats and a leather jacket. Of course, the old mariniere striped tee is a classic and speaks volumes on its own. Voulez-vous de la mode?

Bon 14 de juillet, tous le monde!