Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Girl Crush: Emma Stone

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Emma Stone is the cutest. Didn't you just love her in "Superbad" like a 20 years ago? (Okay, maybe it was only 4 years ago.) While my luster for McLovin may have faded, I've only grown more fond of this platinum blonde gone ravishing redhead.

Remember when she solidified her style status earlier this year at the Golden Globes? This momentous occasion might have been the first time I really started looking at Emma Stone as a budding fashion maven.

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Now, Stone graces the covers of Elle and Vanity Fair, giving candid and entertaining interviews that make you feel like you're listening to your best pal...and taking photographs that are simply stunning.

Her next flick, the much-anticipated feature film "The Help," debuts on August 10 and I can't wait. I not only look forward to seeing her, Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain's performances but I also am anxious to see their premiere looks. The costumes in this movie are also sure to give us all a longing for that Southern country club appeal of the 1960s.

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This young actor has the Midas touch...look what it did to her own golden locks! Can't wait to see where we see her next.

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