Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mary Had a Painted Floor

via Mary McDonald

If you've watched "Million Dollar Decorators" or seen a few of Mary McDonald's sensuously designed interiors, then you know Mary loves a painted floor. And, now, I do too.

Mary McDonald via Bravo TV

Nearly every aspect of a Mary McDonald room calls my name- her use of color, implementation of geometric shapes and graphic prints, the glamorous overtones- not undertones. But her painted floors are particularly attractive. Perhaps that's because I'm not brave enough to do that to my own wood floors. But they sure make a statement and look gorgeous!

via Sara Gilbane Interiors

via Mary McDonald

via Bravo TV

For a similar take with less commitment, go a la Kate Spade and use colored vinyl tape to create your striping. OR arrange patterned FLOR carpet tiles for a little texture. Such great ideas!

via 221 Vision

via FLOR

Do you ever get the desire to go full on Mary and open up a can of whoop-paint? Admittedly, I don't want to mess up my floors but a low commitment version of this style would be fun. If you have any tips, or painter's tape, let me know!


  1. ooo i like the one that looks like a rug....this is a cool idea...someday when i have a house...renting an apartment isnt the most conducive to interior design experimentation


  2. Maybe those FLOR tiles that look like rugs are removable and you can take them with you whenever you move! (I hope so at least- I don't want to live in my house now forever!) But I'm digging that ikat pattern...now to find a place for it...

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  4. Just like mixing and matching Carpet tiles I think painted floors are also cool and creative. I've never tried doing it myself but I think if I'm going to have one maybe I will have to hire a floor painter for a more professional-looking finish.


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