Friday, December 31, 2010

Ciao 2010!

I couldn't let Savoir-Flair's first year end without one last fashion post. And, of course, we have to talk about tonight's attire!

My beau and I will head out to our friends' house nearby for an oyster roast. (This is a beach town after all!) Originally, I wanted to channel my inner Drew Barrymore with this get-up...

Barrymore at "The Late Show with David Letterman"

But something about being at a good friend's house, shucking oysters and filling keg cups made me reconsider rocking my silk Loeffler Randall pants...

Maybe boyfriend jeans are just the change I need?

And, of course, we can't forget the clutch- aka my convertible attache/late Christmas gift!

What do you think?

One thing's for certain: must buy new full-length mirror in 2011!!

Wishing you fun and flair in 2011...

Comfort and Joy

This time of year, we're all worn out from the mixing and mingling brought on by all of the wonderful holidays. But January and February equal LOUNGEuary in my world. It's the one time of year, especially in the South, where you really don't want to brave the elements. There's no tennis or football to play or gardening to do. So why not wrap up in something nice and toasty to get you through the next 59 days??

Introducing the luscious and luxurious bed and bath linens line Private Quarters. My aunt introduced my mom to it about a year or so ago. None of us in my family had ever heard of the brand before- most likely because it's a direct sales line not found in stores- but we all needed our linens updated desperately after college, moving and pets had destroyed our once pristine sheets and towels.

Private Quarters

Now, a year and a half later, every bed in my house is covered in Private Quarters linens- whether it's cotton sheets with a sateen finish, plush down comforters or a lightweight blanket- and every morning, I make a concerted effort to "treat" myself to my clean, white Private Quarters bamboo cotton towels before wrapping up in my plush white robe. If you're sitting on my couch, you're most likely curled up in a Private Quarters faux fur or down throw. And DEFINITELY if you're a friend of mine who recently got married, you received something from Private Quarters as a wedding gift...whether you registered for it or not!

Private Quarters

Blissful Bed and Bath

Private Quarters

Interestingly enough, PQ (as we have affectionately called it) created the Seven Layers of a Blissful Bed philosophy. From the mattress pad (which I NEVER realized could make such a difference until I had a nice one) to the bed skirt, PQ runs the gamut of luxury and warmth.

PQ has already grown up in just the short time we've known it. What once started as the basic essentials of linens has transformed into a company filled with stylish options for not only your bedroom but now your closet!

The Blissful Bed and Bath

The Blissful Bed and Bath

From their Touch of Mink line, PQ now offers faux fur vests, scarves and even hats! My mom actually gave me one of the vests for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It's more lightweight and less invasive that a fluffy faux fur but equally as stylish, if not more so! She also had a pair of PQ slippers around the house that I quickly made mine for the weekend...

PQ Vest and I before shopping trip on Penny's photo bomb!

PQ also sells the softest and sweetest bamboo cotton pajamas and loungewear with reasonable price tags- for once! Plus you can find tote bags from PQ to pack your items in whenever you head out on an overnight trip. Convenience and comfort?! Yes, please!

The Blissful Bed and Bath

Private Quarters

If you have hunted for sheets and towels in the last few years, then you know the best sets have become harder and harder to find. PQ conveniently lets you shop from your own home, whether you host a group party or just order from their catalog.

And here's an insider tip: HUGE SALE starts January 5! Check out the website for more information and see if a little extra comfort translates into more joy in your life!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's in YOUR Bag??

Welcome to Savoir-Flair's new weekly series called "What's in Your Bag??" I'm so excited to give you the "inside scoop" about young, modern women and the daily essentials hidden in their handbags. I know we were all taught never to rummage through someone's purse, but such treasures are hidden in gorgeous bags!!! Perhaps we'll discover a fab new concealer or the perfect planner...

Whether you call them pocket books, purses or totes, these little stowaways get us through our days. Almost every woman takes them with us to work, going out, running errands and on trips. So what do we all put inside them that makes them so necessary?

My dear friend Emily Lackey of Raleigh spends her days keeping up with her precious toddler Van. In her spare time, she tutors high school students and updates her blog In the Palm of My Hand. She stays on the go and not only has to have her own personal items at hand but also must be ready for her son's every need. Sounds like a big bag would definitely be in order!!

To get her through her busy days out and about, Emily carries the Skip Hop Studio Diaper Tote. I have to say, this diaper bag beats all other ones in the way of style. You would never know this tote was designed to carry children's essentials. Bravo to Emily for an ADULT choice in the way of mom-on-the-go storage!

Inside, Emily stores cloths from Beanie + Cecil Baby at hand for Van. The stylish store isn't just for the ladies any more!

To keep her schedule (and those of her husband and baby) organized, Emily carries the Kate Spade Anne Canvas Personal Agenda. This casual little planner offers durability while keeping Emily on top of her game!

To keep her looking fresh throughout the day, Emily carries Benefit Erase Paste and Hello Flawless powder and Bobbi Brown creamy lipstick in Vintage Rose.

Finally, to protect her pretty blue peepers, Emily wears these sassy shades from H & M...good for those early Mothers Morning Out days...

Hopefully for all you young moms or moms-to-be out there, you have gathered some good tips from what's inside Emily's bag. I know I'm only a mom of dogs, but I might have to make a trip to Sephora or Bobbi Brown now...

What's In Your Bag?? (My Bag Edition)

Welcome to Thursday and the second edition of What's In Your Bag?? This week, I had to share with you my NEW bag given to me by my beau for Christmas. He surprised me with this little gem after his sweet sister and her husband gave me a new (much needed) wallet. He decided that since I had a new wallet, I needed a new bag too. Hey- I like the way he thinks!!!

You may recall that I featured this 3.1 Phillip Lim convertible attache in a separate post back in December. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the emerald green and iridescent navy color combo. These colors look rich against the dark tones of winter but will be fresh with neutrals come springtime. But I also adore how useful this puppy is. As pictured, I can fit all of my necessities for a day at work- planner, wallet, shades, phone. But once it's quittin' time, I can toss out the planner and sunnies, fold this puppy in half to transform into a clutch. Perfect for a few cocktails at 5 (or in my world, 8:30).

When it's daytime, I carry this Kate Spade wallet, given to me for Christmas, as I mentioned. Sadly, the wallet I purchased on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence five years ago had to be retired. This golden gem suits me just as well... :)

Also, I couldn't survive without my Filofax Domino planner. Some people use those funny things called iCal or their Blackberry to store their schedule electronically. Not me, though- I'm old school. I write down EVERYTHING in this bad boy and a dear friend of mine gave me the pink Pilot pen to match. Love all of these thoughtful people!! Funnily enough, I read about this planner in Real Simple about three years ago and have had it by my side ever since.

After figuring out when I need to be where, I add a swipe of Dior's Lip Addict Lip Glow to perfect my pout. My mom introduced me to this miracle worker when she went through her major Dior make-up phase before my sister's wedding. (Sorry to call you out Momma, but you know it's true!) Seriously though, this lip balm moisturizes, protects and responds to your body's chemistry to create the perfect natural lip color. It's not a gimmick- it's 100% true. When I'm really dehydrated, the Lip Glow turns my lips a deep raspberry color. On a normal day, I get a rosy glow from one swipe. HIGHLY recommend this product!!

Now that my lips are protected, we can't forget the eyes! A friend of mine who's a registered nurse told me we should all be wearing polarized sunglasses. Having worn Target shades for years, I sprung for a pair of Costa del Mar's for added protection. They might not be as hip as a pair of Ray Bans or Celine, but they are definitely doing my baby blues a favor.

Not pictured today: iPhone and camera. I carry those two with me just about everywhere I go. Cameras are close to the top of my list when it comes to work gear. I photograph everything from sets on stage to models to items I see in stores. However, now that my iPhone has a decent camera on it, I do leave my real camera at home more and more...

I hope you enjoyed today's edition of What's in Your Bag?? Next week promises to be more interesting with some sassy sisters sending in their pics...

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry & Bright: NYE Style

Seven Stars and Stripes

As much as I may be denying it, New Year's Eve lurks just around the corner. In just two short days, we'll be counting down, toasting and ringing in 2011. And, inevitably, every good fashionista wonders to herself, "What am I going to wear?"

Sequins steadfastly hold as a go-to for winter holiday celebrations but are especially prevalent on the 31st. But if you prefer an alternative that can not only help you stand out brighter than Times Sqaure but can also be appropriately worn several months into 2011, then check out these non-traditional alternatives, invoking fun, vibrance and cheer.

sass + bide Divided Corset Top

Why not add black tights and suede pumps to the leather shorts and corset above? You'll want a jacket, of course, but a simple black blazer will easily do the trick!

Sachin + Babi Sleeveless Dress with Metal Embellishments

This dress speaks for itself. Again, tights will be cute Friday night but come spring, you'll look adorable and bright as a daisy without them.

Sachin + Babi Blair Cardigan and James Perse Crisscross Draped Dress

A nude dress is stylish and understated. Pump up the edge with a bronze sequin cardi. Add sleek black boots for another element of tough girl chic.

Issa V Neck Dress

We see animal print every time we turn around but Issa has found a new way to use the classic neutrals on a party-worthy frock. Even with leggings during the day, you can hit lunch or an early afternoon party. Sheer tights add sass after dark.

Had I thought of this style notion earlier, I would have gone in the direction of the looks above. As it is, I'll be rocking sequins with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, the goal is to have fun and celebrate!

Cheers to New Years!

Martha Stewart

Fancy Pants


We all put our pants on one leg at a time. But, I must admit, forcing my "athletic," curvy legs into tight skinny jeans can really ruin my morning. That's why I'm thrilled that designers have reintroduced wide leg trousers for this winter and still showcase them for spring.

Though there are varieties of trouser fabrics and colors, the appealing elements of the silhouette remain constant. The look is leg lengthening and waist defining. You want these pants to fit closer to your natural waist, not low slung. And the hem should hit almost at the bottom of your shoe's heel. Otherwise, you'll appear to be walking on two tree trunks!

Harper's Bazaar

From season to season, the quickest and easiest style formula seems to be interesting blouse tucked into wide leg pants + chunky boots/wedges = polished perfection. Keep your shoes substantially thick. Anything too dainty will be lost against the width of the leg.
You can wear them now with blazers, furs and sweaters and tuck in silky blouses and cotton tees come warmer weather.

But during this cooler time of year, introduce some layering to add interest. Take a cue from Filipa Fino, Senior Accessories Editor at Vogue, or Joanna Hillman, Senior Market Editor at Harper's Bazaar, for wintertime styling- faux fur and color elevate the polished neutral trousers while adding an element of whimsy.


In the spring, sophisticated stripes and lightweight jackets create an easy and breezy girl-about-town look. Rebecca Taylor offers laidback elegance with her nautical inspired pieces on Net-a-Porter. And, once again, Fino looks fab in her pair, even in their bright red fabric.



MiH Marrakesh Jeans from Shopbop

If you're now feeling sold on the style, check out EmersonMade's BlueBells or Old School Straight Leg jeans. I'm also a huge fan of MiH's Marrakesh Jeans.

During the winter doldrums, work on finding items that you can use now and help you transition into spring later. If year-round style is your goal, then these pants are the perfect leg up for you!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Spiced Latte

Images from

The spicy colors and lucious furs from Elie Tahari's Pre-Fall 2011 collection warm me up faster than a spiced latte on this chilly day! Might want to add some tights and boots for now and wait until April to show off those bare legs and open toes...

By the way, there are an insane number of fantastic sales going on right now! Calypso has 50% off all sale items, Shopbop is offering an extra 20% off all sale items and, locally, Beanie & Cecil and Vermillion have marked down all fall apparel 50%!

If Santa left some cash in your stocking, stock up now...


Merry After-Christmas, everyone!! I hope you filled your holidays with fun, joy and quality time with people you love.

After whirlwind road trips to 70-degree Texas only to return to a snow-fallen (and might I add FREEZING!) North Carolina, I happily sit on my couch in my own home with a warm chai tea and the Today Show, the gorgeous warmth of the holidays left to memories and photos...

My parents' front yard covered in more than a foot of snow!

Mom and Dad's house from the water...beautiful!

My beau and I had a blast everywhere we went- and we went to a LOT of places! The gift giving exceeding all expectations but the laughter and fun really had us in stitches. Tubing behind Dad's Suburban, jumping on trampolines with Geoff's nephews and niece, battling bouts of car-sickness (human and canine) are the stuff that memories are made of. Anyone at our Christmases can tell you that each year I pick a gift wrapping theme...thank you very much, Target. I couldn't wait to see everyone's reactions to the gifts we had selected especially for them...

Candy cane stripes with silver accents for the NC Christmas crew.

Red, green and gold for Christmas in Texas.

But after 10 days of traveling, getting, giving and EATING, it's time to settle in and enjoy these last few days before re-entry into the real world.

As a New Year's resolution, I asked my beau if he and I could promise to sit at my dining room table more often. Having fallen victim to the hypnotizing television, bamboo trays and ottomans usually become our place setting for dinner.

But Santa and my beau delivered on their promises, new plates and bowls and a gorgeous Beatriz Ball platter. The whole idea of having a nice table set-up had me so inspired, I sprang for new placemats in a wonderful metallic and feathery tromp l'oeil.

Voila la finished product!

A new table for two

Placemats from Lewis's Gifts in Louisiana, Tag Hobnail bowls and plates, Beatriz Ball platter with my grandmother's silver serving and silverware and crystal given to me by Geoff's mom

If you know me, then you know that casual glamour best describes my approach to style. This table conveys all that and more. Besides looking beautiful, every piece on the table has a story behind it, which I love. They were all gifts from loved ones and have come together so nicely, putting the chic in this shabby chic room. I'm so pleased with the way that not only the table turned out, but also the entire Christmas holiday.

But the holidays aren't over yet. Hold on tight because New Year's Eve is fast approaching! Now to work off those five pounds in the next five days...Glad to be back!!