Friday, December 17, 2010


Ciao Tay

Six months ago, I haphazardly embarked on a mission to attempt blogging. It was a nervous venture to test my level of interest and ability in this new-to-me media. Today, I hit my 100th post and have loved every minute of it!

The blogosphere has been an inspiring and supportive environment with lots of room for an aspiring writer to grow. Drawing inspiration from others has helped shape Savoir-Flair (thanks to ciao tay for letting me swipe an image from YOUR 100th post!), but I can only hope that I've also spurred on others too...

Special appreciation goes to my sis at 100andSouth, who started this whole deal for me. She does an amazing job, tackling a relevant topic when it comes to the fashion-lover and today's economy. She made me brave and encouraged my inaugural post, not to mention every subsequent one. Thanks sis!

Also, to my three friends behind Sleepin' in the Sun, in the palm of my hand and Golden Zipper. You unapologetically and confidently share your thoughts and joys with the world and I can't get enough! Thanks for showing me that I can do it too.

And to those bloggers whom I have never met but love reading- Elements of Style, La Dolce Vita and coco+kelley, just to name a few- thank you and please keep it up! I love to see what you have to say each and every day!

FINALLY, thank YOU for being interested enough to show up to this blog and read...or at least look at the pictures. Without you, dear readers, there would be almost no point in all of the effort. I love your comments and hope you'll be inspired to post them more and more...


Okay, enough with my sentimentalism. Let's landmark this occasion with a special post. In honor of the 100th post and the upcoming 2011, I give you 11 of my most favorite things, like Oprah but without the budget...

My new favorite designer. Obsessed with almost everything they make...

Ron Herman

Ron Herman


#2: "The Devil Wears Prada"
Well, not exactly, but coined the REAL Devil Wears Prada, I can't wait to spend some q.t. with this movie. (I even saved this specific issue of Vogue to reference.)

Barnes & Noble

#3: PUPPIES!!!!!!!

Penny and me- passed out after a fun Thanksgiving

Penny & Grace go to work

#4: Metallics <3
Give me gold over black any day...


#5: Trina Turk Pillows
Yes, please.

#6: Louis Ghost Chairs
Especially paired with an antique desk or shabby chic dining table

Blue Hand Home

#7: Cowhide Rugs

#8: The Beatles
My sis and I spent one summer learning everything we could about these guys and reflect on that time fondly. In July, we were lucky enough to see Paul McCartney in concert together. I will never forget that amazing night!

Abbey Road

Sis & Me at Paul McCartney in Charlotte

Love this online magazine so much...considering getting a hard copy subscription

#10: Chocolate
Specifically Breyer's Vanilla Fudge Twirl

#11: The absolute most important, most rewarding, most cherished...
Friends & Family!!!!!!!
(All are not pictured below, but those not pictured are loved JUST as much!)

Teenies Tapas

Saint Mary's Girls

Wilmington Loves

Mom and Dad

Sissy and Brother (in-law)

Me & My Beau

Now for some fun news...


Okay, just kidding...

In honor of the post-100 posts (hehe), Savoir-Flair will be featuring some guest bloggers!! First up, appropriately enough, will be my sister of 100andSouth. Get ready to have your socks rocked without spending a nauseating amount of money!!!

So stay tuned for excitement coming soon.

I'm just getting started. ;)


  1. That photo of you a Geoff is so amazing. I love everything about this post (esp. the Vanilla Fudge Twirl reference - so many memories and meals taken care of there!) Congrats on your 100th post - what an accomplishment! I love your blog much more than I love my own (is that like saying you like someone else's kid better than your own? Oh dear, what kind of mother will I be...) Anyhow, AWESOME JOB!!! LOVE YOU!

  2. Congrats on the 100th posting!! I've thoroughly enjoyed following your daily tidbits! Hope all is well with you!! Happy Holidays!!

  3. Erin! You are too sweet!! Missin youuuu and thanks for reading! Sis, as always, you da bomb. LOVE YOU!

  4. yippeee, thanks for the shot out and the 100 awesome posts. I really do use your blog for my lack of style help!

  5. Congrats to you. Quite an accomplishment. You owe that sense of style to Grandma Ginny and your mom of course!


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