Friday, December 3, 2010

Shelf Life

Have y'all heard about these little guys called Elf on a Shelf? I'm not really sure what they do or their purpose but I imagine that these frisky characters create Christmas cheer as a lead in to Santa Claus. They might eat your milk and cookies one night or leave a treat on your dresser while you're at school. (If you're young enough to still be in school, that is!)

Obviously, there's no elf on my twenty-something year old's shelf, but I wouldn't mind a shelf with a few of these on it...

Rebecca Minkoff bags via Starfish & Sundresses

The Rebecca Minkoff handbags on that bookshelf above are certainly lovely, but if my elf really wanted to know, this convertible attache by 3.1 Phillip Lim is what I'd want to be surprised with. (By the way, elf, I prefer it in iridescent green with navy, if you are wondering. Beanie + Cecil carries it.)

When it comes to bags, I rarely get too overly excited. Gasp! Something from the fashion world that doesn't knock me over with enthusiasm! But, in all seriousness, when I fall for a bag, I fall hard, and this little gem is worth falling for. Any girl on the go could use the bag as in the first picture to pack her wallet, planner and files for work. When 5 o'clock (or 7:30 in my world) rolls around and it's time to meet the girls for drinks, toss the planner in your passenger seat and fold that puppy in half (image 2). The shoulder strap detaches to give you one good looking clutch. Of course, a little lock and key pouch is always handy too...

Of course, when you buy a new bag, there's a bit of guilt that comes along with replacing your old bag. Minkoff might just have the solution! I can put my current everyday bag on my bookshelf, along with some special occasion bags, to display like art!

Botkier Trigger Bag

Hmmm...what other bags can I add to my bookshelf "art" collection. We'll have to consult the elf...

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