Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's In Your Bag?? (My Bag Edition)

Welcome to Thursday and the second edition of What's In Your Bag?? This week, I had to share with you my NEW bag given to me by my beau for Christmas. He surprised me with this little gem after his sweet sister and her husband gave me a new (much needed) wallet. He decided that since I had a new wallet, I needed a new bag too. Hey- I like the way he thinks!!!

You may recall that I featured this 3.1 Phillip Lim convertible attache in a separate post back in December. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the emerald green and iridescent navy color combo. These colors look rich against the dark tones of winter but will be fresh with neutrals come springtime. But I also adore how useful this puppy is. As pictured, I can fit all of my necessities for a day at work- planner, wallet, shades, phone. But once it's quittin' time, I can toss out the planner and sunnies, fold this puppy in half to transform into a clutch. Perfect for a few cocktails at 5 (or in my world, 8:30).

When it's daytime, I carry this Kate Spade wallet, given to me for Christmas, as I mentioned. Sadly, the wallet I purchased on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence five years ago had to be retired. This golden gem suits me just as well... :)

Also, I couldn't survive without my Filofax Domino planner. Some people use those funny things called iCal or their Blackberry to store their schedule electronically. Not me, though- I'm old school. I write down EVERYTHING in this bad boy and a dear friend of mine gave me the pink Pilot pen to match. Love all of these thoughtful people!! Funnily enough, I read about this planner in Real Simple about three years ago and have had it by my side ever since.

After figuring out when I need to be where, I add a swipe of Dior's Lip Addict Lip Glow to perfect my pout. My mom introduced me to this miracle worker when she went through her major Dior make-up phase before my sister's wedding. (Sorry to call you out Momma, but you know it's true!) Seriously though, this lip balm moisturizes, protects and responds to your body's chemistry to create the perfect natural lip color. It's not a gimmick- it's 100% true. When I'm really dehydrated, the Lip Glow turns my lips a deep raspberry color. On a normal day, I get a rosy glow from one swipe. HIGHLY recommend this product!!

Now that my lips are protected, we can't forget the eyes! A friend of mine who's a registered nurse told me we should all be wearing polarized sunglasses. Having worn Target shades for years, I sprung for a pair of Costa del Mar's for added protection. They might not be as hip as a pair of Ray Bans or Celine, but they are definitely doing my baby blues a favor.

Not pictured today: iPhone and camera. I carry those two with me just about everywhere I go. Cameras are close to the top of my list when it comes to work gear. I photograph everything from sets on stage to models to items I see in stores. However, now that my iPhone has a decent camera on it, I do leave my real camera at home more and more...

I hope you enjoyed today's edition of What's in Your Bag?? Next week promises to be more interesting with some sassy sisters sending in their pics...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I really really adore your bag! The contents too, but the bag..hello! :)

  2. Haha! Thanks, Roxy! The contents not pictured don't do the bag justice. :)


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