Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Art Walk & Talk


Yesterday's blog post focused on inspiration from an Oliver Gal print for sale on Joss & Main. Oliver Gal had a showroom at High Point Market but I did not go in and explore it. Possibly a mistake. But I did visit the Natural Curiosities showroom back in October. In fact, the first image in the sequence above was taken there and it got a heck of a lot of attention on my Instagram feed. You've no doubt seen Natural Curosities' pieces before- their Paule Marrot textiles framed in lucite are perennial favorites (Her "Lavender" print hangs in my own bedroom.) and their Lord Bodner octopus triptych was made famous years ago after a cameo appearance on some tv show. (Does anyone remember that? I remember loving it but can't remember what the show was.) But Natural Curiosities has such a wide selection beyond those recognizable pieces- gilded feathers that will remind you of angel's wings, wooden rings of a tree trunk that somehow look edgy and glamorous and now they even offer chinoiserie style panels. I'm a sucker for artwork inspired by nature so you can imagine my obsession with a company called Natural Curiosities!




Speaking of chinoiserie inspired artwork, another one of my favorite art series at High Point Market were the painted silk panels from Bungalow Five. Known mostly for their lacquered wooden furniture, Bungalow Five has branched out into painted panels and it's genius. Framed wallpapers are all the rage right now and these are their ready-made, low maintenance cousins. A de Gournay wallpaper panel will easily run you $1500+ and that's just for one...unframed. Bungalow Five's versions are by no means cheap but they will save you loads compared to the real deal.

Art can be tricky...not to mention expensive! You want to get it right the first time. Before you put holes in your wall, consider a few things:

1- Dimensions
 Measure your wall. Measure the piece. Measure any furniture that will be placed near the piece. Make sure nothing is encroaching on your masterpiece unless you decide to do so strategically.

2- Scale
Are you hanging one piece on a massive wall? Sometimes artwork seems bigger before you get it in place at home. If the piece speaks to you so loudly that you must have it but can't really find a place for it, consider combining it with your existing art to create a gallery wall. Tie your collage together with your color scheme or even your frame style.

3- Theme
If your aesthetic is one of eclecticism, then you may be able to get away with hanging a 19th century style portrait next to a chic Gray Malin photograph. Otherwise, stick to a definitive style or some sort of motif that ties your pieces together.

4- Framing
Frames aren't cheap either so take a discerning look at the options. Pay attention to the other finishes in the room and tie it in. Your frame doesn't have to be an exact match but it needs to at least pretend that it's trying to fit in.

Bonus Tip:
If you have the option of borrowing a piece on approval, you should certainly try to take advantage of it. There is no replacing the convenience of looking at the very piece you want in your own home without a commitment.

I hope these art tips help you and that some of this artwork inspires you too! If you have questions about any of the artwork or the companies in this post, shoot me an email at lsuggsinteriors@gmail.com. Happy art hunting!

Monday, November 24, 2014

When Life Imitates Art

Oliver Gal "My Sexy Shoes" Print from Joss & Main

 This cute little print recently popped up on my Pinterest feed and instantly piqued my interest. A portrait of pink peep toe Louboutins is a perfectly practical thing to desire, right?! I had to know how to get a hold of this little snippet of delight... 

As I investigated its origin, imagine my surprise when I discovered it came from Joss & Main. Not only was it affordable art but it also was styled to perfection with shades of pink, peach and antiqued yellow in a fabulous living space. Girlie pink and earthy yellow are one of my ideal color combinations- pink brings out the inner glam while the yellow keeps everything grounded and not too sweet.


Naturally, this room had to be recreated to perfection. You may notice that I chose in my version to make the walls a pale, pale pink. People tend to shy away from pink walls but there is no other shade that better flatters every person's skin tone. In fact, studies have shown that pink encourages socialization, which is one of the reasons why I recently used it as a focal wall color in a dining room. If nothing else, consider pink for a dressing room, bedroom or bathroom where you might find yourself exposed. Trust me when I tell you that your skin will look better when you catch a glance in the mirror! For the rest of the room, the Oliver Gal print supplied the perfect color palette. A few natural elements like the caning on the daybed, fibers in the rug and cherry blossom print counterbalance the bright pops on pink in the chair and pillows as well as the gilded accents in the chair's pillow and on the side tables. The overall effect is interesting without being intense. I can see ladies sipping rose in here just as easily as I can see a hard working student curling up on the couch to study. And for the guys...well, it take a real man to sit in a pink wing back!

Contact me at lsuggsinteriors@gmail.com if you are interested in any of these pieces above but cannot find them online!

Has a piece of art inspired you lately? Or anything else for that matter? It's funny how one little thing can provide a jumping off point for an entire room!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

At Long Last!


At long last, it's here- the coat of my dreams. How I've waited for you, sweet outerwear perfection! I first saw you during Fashion Week in MARCH on the shoulders of the ever-so-chic Sarah Rutson. Then you miraculously and wonderfully reappeared yet again with Sarah during September's Fashion Week. I love how effortlessly Sarah wears this coat, layered over everything from a leather bomber and cargo pants to a belted blazer and silk trousers. Stripes, florals, red, green, black, navy- nothing is off limits and yet so many others would have felt limited by this eye-catching coat. Then imagine my delight when I uncovered this coat was from J.Crew. The stars have aligned!


Now you are available for the price of -gulp!- $895. Ouch, universe, fashion gods, J.Crew. OUCH. I knew coats were expensive but for that price, I could almost get a Burberry.

Here's hoping there's a sale in J.Crew's future. Until then, at least you are pretty to look at online...

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Major Updates...In My Own Words


Dear Readers, 

Sorry for the radio silence lately. There have been a lot of crazy things happening around me and I have focused so much energy on preparing for/reacting to those things that this poor blog has fallen by the wayside. Add to that a week of being sick, a little bit of travel and one amazing Paul McCartney concert and the laptop has collected some dust...

I have debated how much to share about what is going on in my personal and professional life because this blog is supposed to be all about style and design and FUN. Some of these details are not fun but I hope you can understand my cathartic need to share some with you. For those of you who don't know, I have spent the last nine years working in the Art and Set Decorating Departments in North Carolina's film industry. While I have stayed busy in Wilmington, my work has also taken me to Louisiana (where I met my beau of SIX and a half years), South Carolina, Georgia and even New Mexico. I have made so many great friends and contacts as well as met and worked with (closely sometimes) Hollywood A-listers, cornerstone producers and writers, major movie directors, Oscar winning directors of photography, renowned production designers and even a MAAAAJOR rock star. I was lucky enough to be part of a team that won an Art Director's Guild Award. I've helped create everything from county fairs with only two weeks to complete from start to finish (TWICE!) to a 1920s brothel in New Orleans to a high end nail salon in Heaven, of which famed "Project Runway" mentor Tim Gunn played the role of a St. Peter-type character. (Sorry, had to name drop that one!) It's been a wild ride full of ups and downs.

But our film industry is now on shaky ground and that's putting it lightly. Production companies are attracted to states by film incentive programs and North Carolina has been successful by offering a 25% tax rebate. The state's economic incentives are passed by politicians and North Carolina's recently yanked the rug out from underneath the 25% rebate. I won't go into any more details but the result is a major screech in the number of shows that are coming to NC. What does that mean for me? Fewer and fewer opportunities for work. I could possibly make it here if I never wanted to advance in my career and maintain my own professional status quo. But that's not me. I'm a goal-oriented over achiever. I've sat still in one job for seven years and can hardly stand it. In order to advance, I have to compete with people who have 25 years of experience but I'm no slouch with my nine. I truly believe if we had a strong incentive that attracted more shows, then I would have ample opportunity to excel. But now I know that opportunity will be stifled and it already has been. The bottom line is I don't want to just work. I want to excel. And so I had to make a choice. 


Meet my choice. For the last six months, I have been helping friends update and redecorate their homes. It started small with some of my assistance being offered through texts, phone calls and a few product suggestions. Then I started visiting the spaces, creating design schemes and shopping for them. It was an organic entry into the residential interior decorating world via the film industry. In September, I made the LLC official and so, out of necessity and interest, L. Suggs Interior Decorating was born. My goal with the LLC is to create beautiful but functional interior spaces. We all swoon over images on Pinterest and pictures in magazines but that isn't always real life. I aim to bring the charm into everyday living.

Wilmington is home to many extremely talented interior designers whom I truly respect and admire. I weighed heavily my decision to enter into the design world. It felt like the right thing to do so that I could still be working yet also be available to day play on films should someone need assistance here and there. Experience in one realm only adds to my knowledge of the other. It's just that I couldn't keep all of my eggs in one crumbling basket. Rather than sit back, wait and collect unemployment, I am pulling myself up by my boot straps and forging ahead. One thing I want to emphasize to everyone is that most of what is happening with the overall film biz is out of my control but having poor timing on trying to get a promotion is my own fault. Part of forging ahead also includes working part-time at Wilmington's high end gifts and linens shop, Protocol. I am so lucky to have that opportunity and spend time around beautiful things and nice people. Parts of this situation are truly terrifying to me, including sharing so much on the Internet, but if your dream doesn't scare you, it isn't big enough. I appreciate everyone's understanding and hopefully your support as well. In the meantime, please tune in here for project updates as well as follow me on Instagram @l_suggs and Twitter @lsuggsinteriors! 

Thanks so much for reading and I promise to make this wordy post up to you soon with some good pictures!