Monday, November 24, 2014

When Life Imitates Art,-Oliver-Gal~ALIV3565~E14600.html 
Oliver Gal "My Sexy Shoes" Print from Joss & Main

 This cute little print recently popped up on my Pinterest feed and instantly piqued my interest. A portrait of pink peep toe Louboutins is a perfectly practical thing to desire, right?! I had to know how to get a hold of this little snippet of delight... 

As I investigated its origin, imagine my surprise when I discovered it came from Joss & Main. Not only was it affordable art but it also was styled to perfection with shades of pink, peach and antiqued yellow in a fabulous living space. Girlie pink and earthy yellow are one of my ideal color combinations- pink brings out the inner glam while the yellow keeps everything grounded and not too sweet.,-Oliver-Gal~ALIV3565~E14600.html 

Naturally, this room had to be recreated to perfection. You may notice that I chose in my version to make the walls a pale, pale pink. People tend to shy away from pink walls but there is no other shade that better flatters every person's skin tone. In fact, studies have shown that pink encourages socialization, which is one of the reasons why I recently used it as a focal wall color in a dining room. If nothing else, consider pink for a dressing room, bedroom or bathroom where you might find yourself exposed. Trust me when I tell you that your skin will look better when you catch a glance in the mirror! For the rest of the room, the Oliver Gal print supplied the perfect color palette. A few natural elements like the caning on the daybed, fibers in the rug and cherry blossom print counterbalance the bright pops on pink in the chair and pillows as well as the gilded accents in the chair's pillow and on the side tables. The overall effect is interesting without being intense. I can see ladies sipping rose in here just as easily as I can see a hard working student curling up on the couch to study. And for the guys...well, it take a real man to sit in a pink wing back!

Contact me at if you are interested in any of these pieces above but cannot find them online!

Has a piece of art inspired you lately? Or anything else for that matter? It's funny how one little thing can provide a jumping off point for an entire room!

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