Thursday, November 6, 2014

At Long Last!

At long last, it's here- the coat of my dreams. How I've waited for you, sweet outerwear perfection! I first saw you during Fashion Week in MARCH on the shoulders of the ever-so-chic Sarah Rutson. Then you miraculously and wonderfully reappeared yet again with Sarah during September's Fashion Week. I love how effortlessly Sarah wears this coat, layered over everything from a leather bomber and cargo pants to a belted blazer and silk trousers. Stripes, florals, red, green, black, navy- nothing is off limits and yet so many others would have felt limited by this eye-catching coat. Then imagine my delight when I uncovered this coat was from J.Crew. The stars have aligned!


Now you are available for the price of -gulp!- $895. Ouch, universe, fashion gods, J.Crew. OUCH. I knew coats were expensive but for that price, I could almost get a Burberry.

Here's hoping there's a sale in J.Crew's future. Until then, at least you are pretty to look at online...

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