Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Sales Round-Up

Y'all, it's on. I hope you have some pennies in your piggy bank because the deals are here!  

These are the best of the best so let's break it down.

The Store: Anthropologie
The Deal: 20% off
The Code: Discount automatically applied at checkout
The Dates: Nov. 29

The Store: ASOS
The Deal: 20% off 
The Dates: Nov. 29- Dec. 1
The Code: GIMME20

The Store: Bloomingdale's
The Deal: Save 20% on purchases between $75 and $149. Save 30% on purchases at $150 and above. 
The Dates: Nov. 29- Dec. 1

The Store: C. Wonder
The Deal: Save 30% on three items or more and get free ground shipping
The Code: GIFTS30
The Dates: Nov. 29- Dec. 1

The Store: J.Crew
The Deal: 30% off
The Dates: Nov. 27- Dec. 1

The Store: Lands End
The Deal: 30% off your entire order
The Dates: Nov. 26- Dec. 3 

The Store: Serena & Lily
The Deal: 25% off plus free shipping
The Dates: Nov. 25- Dec. 2

The Store: Shopbop/East Dane
The Deal: 15% off orders of $250+, 20% off orders of $500+, 25% off orders of $1000+
The Code: BIGEVENT13
The Dates: Nov. 26- Dec. 2

The Store: Tory Burch
The Deal: Save 20% on orders over $300, 25% off on orders over $500 or 30% off on orders over $750 plus free shipping 
The Dates: Nov. 29- Dec. 2

Go forth and SAVE!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Holiday Shopping Guide

There are only 29 shopping days until Christmas. 

Can you believe that?? Don't let this little stat overwhelm you. Check back here on Friday morning to catch the scoop on the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Trust me- they're worth waiting for and will save you enough to maybe pick up a little sumpin' sumpin' for yourself.

Until then, have a wonderful rest of your week and a happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Thanksgiving Day Style

Thanksgiving day is just around the corner. FINALLY! I for one cannot wait to chow down on all the fixins and spend the day with my cute parents, hilarious uncles and awesome aunts. Since Thanksgiving is later this year, it feels like we've waited foreverrrrrr for this day! In North Carolina, it's going to be a high of the chilly mid-40s. That means one thing and one thing only- layer up! 

Gloves/ Vest (on sale!) / Sweater (25% off with code GETGIFTING)/ Jeans/ Boots

This look is pretty much my uniform every day this fall. Memorize this formula: 
vest + sweater + jeans + boots = warm, cozy, chic

Happy Turkey Day! 

Monday, November 18, 2013

It's Curtains for the Guest Room

The holidays are all about thinking of others and showing them how grateful you are to have them in your life. For some of us, it's also a time when you have lots of visitors whom you want to feel cozy, relaxed and welcomed in your home. What better time than now to give your guest room a little revamp? 

This particular room in my house continually evolves. This past summer, we moved my old upholstered headboard and all of its bedding in there alongside my favorite Stark antelope rug. It was a match made in Heaven yet the room still feels a bit bare. I've come to the conclusion that curtains are the solution...and not just any old curtains- some really fun and fabulous ones with a super cool curtain rod. These are the different ideas I've come up with so far in this VERY rough Photoshop job...

Top Right: Curtains/ Lamp/ Bedside Table

Which version is your favorite? I'm sort of leaning toward the bottom right corner. To me, the guest room is a space where you can afford to have a little fun. What do you think? 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful for Fun Tables

While I despise the word "tablescape," I actually adore the act of. My plan this year was to skip the Thanksgiving tablescape post since my family's gatherings have always been casual farm afternoons with Thanksgiving dinner being more of a graze on paper plates. But when I spied these birch candles yesterday, the plan was thwarted. I mean, maybe someone out there will be in need of a few autumnal supplies for scaping the table. 

I'm such a sucker...

What are your Thanksgiving plans this year? Are there any tablescapes in your future? 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Showers Bring Baby Flowers!

 How is it November already??! Where did the year go? My fall has been PACKED with work and baby showers of all things! I suppose it's the natural progression of life- go to college and make a ton of friends; get out of college and go to a ton of friends' weddings; tons of married friends settle down after a few years and then baby makes three...or four or five in some cases. 

Cupcakes from One Belle Bakery. 

Thankfully, baby showers have come a long, long way. They seem to be less about storks and "guess the bump's size" games and more about true quality time with your favorite people who are now really busy raising kids or working their butts off. (I fall into the latter category.) Not being married or having a kid on the way, a baby shower has the potential to make someone like me absolutely insane. (Remember that episode where Carrie's shoes get taken from the baby shower and she has to register at Manolo Blahnik to get a judgey Tatum O'Neal to pay her back??) 

But I happen to love these sweet events. Call me crazy or overly-weddinged but why wouldn't we jump at the chance for two hours of girl time in the middle of a Saturday? Check out pics from the sophisticated showers I've been to recently and you might see what I mean. It's been a great reason to get together with the girls, don a fancy dress in the daytime and maybe do a little sunshine boozing. And, of course, we love celebrating life's big changes and the upcoming arrival of a sweet new member of our friends' families! 

(Don't you love this gorgeous cake stand?)

Can you guess what I'm doing this weekend? It's off to another baby shower! And I'm looking forward to it. Now if I could just keep track of all these due dates...