Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luck of the Irish in Your Living Room


There's a reason why velvet upholstery has made a major comeback lately. Generally speaking, velvet is quite durable, looks polished and feels cozy all the while offering undeniable glamor. While the thought may initially seem counter intuitive, anchoring your room with a green velvet sofa is actually one of the most classic decor styles around. You can let the green pop by decorating your room with rich neutrals or you can play up color by running with the rainbow. So in honor of St. Patrick's Day, here are my favorite uses of green sofas plus a few shopable options. Happy decorating with green!



via Ikea

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Tennesse Livin'

One of my best friends lives in Tennessee- about eight hours away from here. (Sad!) But she recently bought a new ottoman for its great size and good bones...although not so much for the fabric. With a new baby and inside pets, she- like many people- was hesitant to get too invested in fabric but she- like many people- wanted to enjoy her home! The ottoman fabric had to coordinate with her scrolly blue/grey rug and newly upholstered cozy couch. Her family also inherited two chairs that were going to need some updating, although the ottoman definitely took priority.

Some design projects come together so effortlessly and this happened to be one of them! Knowing this globetrotting, adventurous family, I knew this room had to be cool. I chose the Jiri stripe in birch for the ottoman and made that the room's statement piece. The woven, dark neutral chair fabric would contrast and still coordinate with the ivory couch all while hiding any messiness from pets and kids. The rest of the upholstery would be perked up with patterns and color found in the three different throw pillows- the new color introduced being a seafoam green.

I created the e-design board, hit send and held my breath. Luckily, my friend flipped for it! Even her husband was immediately on board- that's how you really know a design concept is a success! Now the family is motivated to get this project going and make their living room family friendly and fresh. Hopefully I'll get to see this sweet space in person sometime. Anyone recommend the summertime in Tennessee??