Thursday, August 25, 2011


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I'm sorry. I can't concentrate.

I had a blog post prepping and had to abandon to discuss what's truly on my mind. This shot isn't even accurate anymore, I'm afraid. Shift that bad boy west and you'll be closer to what the current prediction reflects- land fall at Morehead City.


At least we have all of the September issues to catch up on...

Friday, August 19, 2011

In the Swing of Things

Isabel Marant via

Credit must be given to Isabel Marant for single-handedly bringing back fringey details for 2011/2012. For her fall collection, Marant paraded fringed trousers, sweaters and boots up and down the runway. Now that more ready-to-wear has debuted for autumn and winter, fringe is all the rage and boots are the most in swing.

Isabel Marant via

Isabel Marant via

Fringe suede boots add such interest to an outfit full of basics. (I also happen to think they balance out a larger hip or upper half.) They're comfortable, functional and just plain fun.

Marant's black pair can be found at Net-A-Porter, her white at Barneys. Or you can save a little dough by opting for the Diane Von Furstenberg version. As we get closer to fall, we're bound to see more swingy options from lower end brands. (Translation: We normal folks will be able to afford them!)

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So what do you think? Are you a fringe kinda girl? Is it too Wild Wild West for you? Maybe for a small fee, I'd pay to have swingy boots. But you gotta love Marant for putting some swing in our stomp.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Taylor Takes Barneys

Last fall, I made my adoration of Marie Claire's Taylor Tomasi Hill well known. She's a style force to be reckoned with and I really love everything she artfully and stylishly puts together. (I just wish I could pull all of it off!)

Hearst and Hill via StyleRepublic

This week, Hill took friend and fellow style sister Amanda Hearst shopping at Barneys and let the cameras tag along with them. Their video is a must-watch for your fall wardrobe inspiration, especially if you're feeling the heat from the summer style doldrums.

Hill touched on what I consider the key fall elements (at least for me!):
Leather (in all cuts and colors)
Bordeaux/Red tones
Leopard print accessories

So I did a little hunting on the Intra-nets and came up with some pieces that I think go along with TTH's suggestions.

Look One:

Alexander Wang button-front white shirt (bonus points for asymmetrical hemline) + J. Brand coated pencil leg jean (MY FAVORITE jeans EVERRRR and they look JUST like leather)

via Barneys
via Raindrops of Sapphire

Look Two:

rag & bone Kobra Top + J. Brand red skinny jeans

via rag & bone

via Real Simple

Look Three:

3.1 Phillip Lim beaded neck top + Alexander Wang harness leather mini

via Barneys

via Polyvore
Look Four:

Proenza Schouler tee + A.L.C. leather skirt

via Saks
via Polyvore

Of course, you'll need a few accessories to pull these looks together. Luckily, these pieces are easily mixed in with any one of these looks.

Loeffler Randall Emory bootie via Bloomingdales

Steve Madden leopard print loafer via Polyvore

rag & bone Classic Duffle Coat via rag & bone

Henri Bendel Debutante Clutch via Polyvore

Lastly, we simply can't ignore how chic TTH looks in her leather sheath. You can get the real deal from Junya Watanabe at Barneys. But, as leather is huge for fall, more affordable options should be popping up as we approach the cooler months.

Thanks to Barneys for presenting us with such goodness! Three cheers for fun fall fashion!

Monday, August 15, 2011


via Glamour

September issues have started popping up in mailboxes and book stores near you and even though we're still battling 90-degree temps, the flash of a cool breeze promptly reminds us that fall will be here before we know it. Last week, I fell into a serious style rut (see here) but Glamour's September issue perked me right back up, specifically its feature on Christina Hendricks and her favorite fall colors.

Readers saw Hendricks in the typical redhead fall tones- teal and olive to name a few- but I loved their unexpected take on red. Fall's line-up introduces so many shades of the fiery hue- from russet to bordeaux, we're seeing reds run the gamut. Usually we red-on-the-head shy away from such a shade but Hendricks' hotness has me fired up!

(PS- don't you love the sweater plus sequins in the photos above and below?? Dorothy and her ruby slippers have evolved in to RTW!)

via Refinery 29

If sequin skirts and hats a-plume aren't in your ruby repertoire, then how about trying on a more casual take? The tonal play of merlot on bright red allows the darker shade to act as more of a neutral, playing down the more powerful one. And I love how Hendricks wears a red lip and nails with her russet hues. Try Bobbi Brown's Hollywood Red lip gloss for a pinch of sass.

Kain tee via Net-A-Porter

Mother Cords via Net-A-Porter

via Glossy Kiss

So how do you wear your red? Are you excited to try it out for fall? Start now by introducing a ruby pop in your beauty routine. Come fall, you'll be rockin' a full-on red trench and loving it.

Look! Even Blogger is excited! It has me underlining the end of this post!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Haute Indoor Couture

via Haute Couture Indoor

This morning's email checking ritual offered a glimpse into one of the loveliest homes I've seen in a while. Matters of Style gave its readers the gift of interior designer Elizabeth Boland's house of Haute Indoor Couture. The architecture of this cozy home reminds me so much of my own, with its small rectangular rooms, beautiful hardwood floors and large windows. I decided this little gem needs to be my home's new inspiration.

via Haute Couture Indoor

via Haute Couture Indoor

via Haute Couture Indoor

via Haute Couture Indoor

Don't you love how serene this house feels? It's well edited but not at all boring. The pale textiles, white painted furniture and mirrored extras keep a small room from feeling too closed in and an old place from seeming stuffy. I love the seagrass rugs to bring in that beachy feel, something we coastal dwellers are always reminding are guests of when they visit from inland.

For my own reality, white couches are definitely out of the question, but certainly not white painted pieces or jute rugs. But what I really love most about Elizabeth's pad are her accessories and lamps! (Did anyone notice the mirrored Chanel lamps? HELLO!)

Here are a few accessories I think I need in my house to get closer to Haute Indoor Couture.

Cute umbrella stand (aka tennis racket holder)

via Z Gallerie

TWO mirrored Chanel lamps but I think mine might be better suited in my bedroom...

via The Huntress Lives

Twig table

via Z Gallerie

Mirrored side tables...

via CB2

Do you have any other suggestions? The perfect shade of pale, pale blue paint? Some nice white linen curtains? I'm ready to decorate when you are!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Style Rut

From "The Devil Wears Prada"

Do you ever get stuck in a style rut? What do you do to get out of it?

I know Mercury is in retrograde this month. Does that hinder my creativity as well as my technology??

I blame this hot as hell summer. My life has become a battle against one bad hair day (my Moroccan oil has surrendered to the humidity), a closet full of nothing to wear, shirts that smell like b.o. and dresses/skirts/pants/shorts that my butt irons creases into every time I sit down. Don't even try to get comfortable on my leather car seats. They will burn your tail right up!

via Delialicious

Friends, I turn to you. What's a girl to do? Do you have a go-to, cute "I give up" outfit. My clothes seem to have abandoned me. Last week, wearing underwear to work actually crossed my mind. I tried getting a make-over at the Bobbi Brown counter, but make-up melts off right now anyway...

If only Nigel could step in and save me...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We Got Our Air Multiplied!

It's here! It's here! The Dyson Air Multiplier is here and officially the bomb.

Don't worry, these puppies went on MAJOR sale over the weekend and I had a Best Buy gift card to burn. Plus, our clunky old metal fan final kicked the bucket. (Good thing too because the motor on it was getting super duper hot anytime it ran for more than 15 minutes.)

So ba da bing- ba da boom! The Dyson currently multiplies the air in my living room and I love it!!
(Excuse the mass of cords.)

personal photos...obviously very professional

If one of these guys can ever possibly enter your life, take advantage. It really does move the air a huge amount and cools extremely well. Plus, there are no blades collecting dust in my pet dander-ized house.

If my power bill drastically decreases, everyone's getting one for Christmas (when they're on sale...again).

Stay cool this summer!

Twinkle Toes

via Vogue

How much fun are the Miu Miu glitter booties for Fall 2011?? I think they are just adorable. I can see them with opaque tights when it gets cold out or waxed skinny jeans with a frilly top and leather jacket. Of course, right now, it feels like chilly weather may never come...

via Saks Fifth Avenue

via Corridor 40

via Moodboard

Some of us may be getting a little too old to wear glitter on our faces but we'll never have to worry about being too old to wear glitter on our feet...