Friday, August 19, 2011

In the Swing of Things

Isabel Marant via

Credit must be given to Isabel Marant for single-handedly bringing back fringey details for 2011/2012. For her fall collection, Marant paraded fringed trousers, sweaters and boots up and down the runway. Now that more ready-to-wear has debuted for autumn and winter, fringe is all the rage and boots are the most in swing.

Isabel Marant via

Isabel Marant via

Fringe suede boots add such interest to an outfit full of basics. (I also happen to think they balance out a larger hip or upper half.) They're comfortable, functional and just plain fun.

Marant's black pair can be found at Net-A-Porter, her white at Barneys. Or you can save a little dough by opting for the Diane Von Furstenberg version. As we get closer to fall, we're bound to see more swingy options from lower end brands. (Translation: We normal folks will be able to afford them!)

via Net-A-Porter


So what do you think? Are you a fringe kinda girl? Is it too Wild Wild West for you? Maybe for a small fee, I'd pay to have swingy boots. But you gotta love Marant for putting some swing in our stomp.

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