Monday, August 15, 2011


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September issues have started popping up in mailboxes and book stores near you and even though we're still battling 90-degree temps, the flash of a cool breeze promptly reminds us that fall will be here before we know it. Last week, I fell into a serious style rut (see here) but Glamour's September issue perked me right back up, specifically its feature on Christina Hendricks and her favorite fall colors.

Readers saw Hendricks in the typical redhead fall tones- teal and olive to name a few- but I loved their unexpected take on red. Fall's line-up introduces so many shades of the fiery hue- from russet to bordeaux, we're seeing reds run the gamut. Usually we red-on-the-head shy away from such a shade but Hendricks' hotness has me fired up!

(PS- don't you love the sweater plus sequins in the photos above and below?? Dorothy and her ruby slippers have evolved in to RTW!)

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If sequin skirts and hats a-plume aren't in your ruby repertoire, then how about trying on a more casual take? The tonal play of merlot on bright red allows the darker shade to act as more of a neutral, playing down the more powerful one. And I love how Hendricks wears a red lip and nails with her russet hues. Try Bobbi Brown's Hollywood Red lip gloss for a pinch of sass.

Kain tee via Net-A-Porter

Mother Cords via Net-A-Porter

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So how do you wear your red? Are you excited to try it out for fall? Start now by introducing a ruby pop in your beauty routine. Come fall, you'll be rockin' a full-on red trench and loving it.

Look! Even Blogger is excited! It has me underlining the end of this post!!

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