Thursday, August 23, 2012

Color Combo Love: Lilac and Navy

One of the best ways to start transitioning your wardrobe is simply through new combinations of color. Take your springy pastels, lilac in this case, and tone them down with navy for a delightful ease into fall. You can even create a casual version of this color combo with an old chambray shirt you already have in your closet. Gold accessories add polish while still keeping your look relaxed.

Of course, you can also just as easily pair last fall's pastel knits with this summer's navy shorts. I have enjoyed pairing this sweater with these shorts (on sale!) for a chic take on weekend wear and a good mix of high and low! 

Do this color combo appeal to you? Or are you still addicted to whites and brights? 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look For Less: Slippers

Welcome to Wednesday and another Look for Less. Today's topic: the oh so chic slipper. If you know your brands, you'll know right away which of these shoes is the high end version and which is the money saver. I've (poorly) disguised their brand name where possible without compromising the shoes' design. No peeking! So which of these is the Look for Less? 

If you guessed the shoe on the right as the more cost effective choice, then you're right! Of all places, the Gap has a whole slew of precious slippers crying out to soothe your tired, achy feet. Of course, they are imitating the originals, the Stubbs & Wootton on the left. They are buttery and delicious but they are also ten times more expensive. Yep, the Gap option is $40 while the real deal is $400! 

Life might just be too short for cheap wine and cheap shoes. How do you feel about these options? Which one would you choose? 

Monday, August 20, 2012

More Than Cape-able

After a weekend in the cool, non-humid mountains and a rainy welcome home, the approaching fall is on my mind now more than ever. Add to that the sighting of this Banana Republic cape in the September Elle and I'm a goner.

Capelets took last autumn by storm. Designers from Milly to Theory produced stylish toppers for those looking to invest. However, outerwear isn't exactly something that I put a lot of ka-ching into since I live in the South and at the beach. I prefer to spend less in this category whenever possible. So the hunt for more affordable yet stylish capelets began...

Capelets look super sleek with skinny jeans and tall boots but for an even more approachable look, try bootcut cords and ankle booties. Scarf print tops pack a punch against all these neutrals.

Will you rock a cape this fall? Or have you already? Let me know your tips!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Currently Obsessed

Happy Friday! Today, you get another fun fashion post from S-F. I've started to realize I'm currently obsessed with Currently Obsessed. It's so fun to see all the things you're coveting in one place. Looking at them all at once, it appears that my fall lust list is comprised mainly of peplums, metallics and blue/green tones as well as some affordable prices. That surprised even me! Have you checked it out? What's on your list?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Packin' It Up: Mountain Weekend

When Net-A-Porter offered up its summer getaway guide a few weeks ago, I instantly bookmarked their "Hilltop Hideaway" wardrobe suggestions. One of my favorite people in the world gets married in the mountains soon and I can't wait to celebrate with her. But getting ready for a weekend away can bring on a little extra stress sometimes- who's watching the dogs, does the car need an oil change, will my office crumble without me- so having the weekend wardrobe already established never hurts. (And, let's face it, it's way more fun to plan the packing list than who will pull your trashcan up from the curb on Friday afternoon.)

Therefore, I present to you my mountain wardrobe guide to help you out IF you happen to have a wedding or special occasion to spend hilltop...

1. Lightweight jacket for those crisp mountain evenings- I chose a safari style that looks just as great belted over a cocktail dress as it does worn casually with a pair of shorts
2. Statement necklace (similar)
3. Swimsuit (It's a one-piece this year. On sale here!)
4. Comfortable yet chic dress
5. Classic peep toes with a chunkier heel- remember, you might have to hike in them (similar)
6. Special skirt- goes with a tank for shopping by day or cocktails by night
7. Stylish shorts you can still maneuver in- did I mention there's a croquet court? 
9. Animal cocktail ring (bonus points if it's a liger)
10. White tank- this one's a peplum (similar)
11. Vintage evening bag
12. Gladiator sandals (similar)
14. Pashmina (wrap up your laptop or's a multitasker)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday's Look For Less: Emerald Green Pumps

You may or may not be a basic black kind of gal. Even if black does rule your wardrobe, emerald green pumps will work seamlessly into your black, a.k.a. the presence-of-every-color, palette. (Ironic, isn't it?) If you're a color addict, like me, then a little green shoe is nothing to you. 

The key to rocking a green heel is to wear it like you would wear black. The color reads just as dark against other deep tones but might yield a few double takes. In case you're looking for something classic with a twist, here are a few options for you...for more and for less, of course. 

Tory Burch/ Alice + Olivia/ Boutique 9

I think in the sequel to the "Wizard of Oz," Dorothy should have sported some new green pumps in honor of the ol' Emerald City. Those ruby slippers brought her an awful lot of trouble. What do you think- is this jewel tone shoe right for you?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Master Bedroom Mood Board

How do you feel about an unapologetically girly master bedroom? I'm digging the peach in coral tones inspired by the Osborne and Little wallpaper below. When a boy is around, you can't call anything pink. ;)

For Like Ever poster/ Osborne & Little wallpaper/ Euro shams/ Fretwork throws/ Ikat throw/ Rug/ Vase/ Book/ Nightstand

Would these colors feel soothing to you in your bedroom? Or is it girlie overload? 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Going Green and Getting Glamorous

Shades of green have officially infiltrated my house. I got a hold of this Kelly Wearstler pattern a few weeks ago and have not been able to stop my green greediness since! In fact, there might be a green bedroom in my house now but I'm not quite ready to reveal it's glory just yet...

It seems that many designers and retailers are on the same page. Check out all of these gorgeous greenies below...

Shades of green will take you throughout the seasons. Do you have a favorite green piece? 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Currently Coveting: August

So what if it's 90-plus degrees today? I can't stop thinking about fall! 

Pre-fall collections get me pumped. These pieces are especially great for autumns down here in the South since most of the materials are still breathable and fairly lightweight. Regardless of the temperature in your region, the new pieces below are all instant classics with just the enough of a modern twist. Yes, some of them are pricey but let their cuts, fabrics and styles be an inspiration to you if you're on a budget. 

You could easily start putting these pieces to work in your wardrobe now...except I might wait on wearing boots at least another month. The rag & bone blazer would look polished at work with a floaty ivory tank and black tailored shorts now- swap out your white tank for a burgundy version and add full length trousers when the frigid temps arrive. Pair your Tibi top with a flirty black skirt when you get together with friends for cocktails now...appear festive with gorgeously printed silk pants come wintertime. Wrap up in your TB sweater inside a chilly movie theater or living room until it's time to throw on a pair of jeans for a laidback luxe look later.

Have you come across fall pieces you're in love with already? Or are you starting to work in some more fall-ish colors into your wardrobe now? We'll try not to wish away summer but it sure is going to be hard not wishing for these goodies!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two for One Day- Look for Less + Wear It Now & Later

My apologies to you for the lack of a Look for Less post yesterday. To make up for it, you're getting a two for one today! 

Let's talk about transitioning now. We're starting to see the new season's clothes slowly creep into stores. Yes, though it may not feel like it, fall is approaching. After the hot summer we've had, growing tired of the same old summer outfits is only natural. Colored denim can be a great way to mix your fall wardrobe with your warm weather pieces and still feel comfortable while looking good. The photo below shows two great emerald green denim options. So which one do you think costs more? 

You can purchase the trousers on the left at Dorothy Perkins for under $40! Tory Burch designed the hotness on the right and they ring up at about $200. For a trendy purchase like colored denim, saving rather than splurging is a good idea, unless you absolutely love colored denim...or Tory Burch for that matter. 

However, investing in one of these pairs now might not be a bad idea. You can wear them with a tonal colored shell, your favorite espadrilles (these on sale!) and a raffia clutch for a cute look to get you to October. 

After Halloween rolls through (at least in the South), add a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral color palette. Embellishments optional. 

The promise of cooler weather gets me through some of these stifling days. After all, when I got my "colors" done as a pre-teen, the Avon lady said I was an autumn. Can you summers blend in fall colors? Or are you still in full tilt warm weather wardrobes?