Thursday, August 16, 2012

Packin' It Up: Mountain Weekend

When Net-A-Porter offered up its summer getaway guide a few weeks ago, I instantly bookmarked their "Hilltop Hideaway" wardrobe suggestions. One of my favorite people in the world gets married in the mountains soon and I can't wait to celebrate with her. But getting ready for a weekend away can bring on a little extra stress sometimes- who's watching the dogs, does the car need an oil change, will my office crumble without me- so having the weekend wardrobe already established never hurts. (And, let's face it, it's way more fun to plan the packing list than who will pull your trashcan up from the curb on Friday afternoon.)

Therefore, I present to you my mountain wardrobe guide to help you out IF you happen to have a wedding or special occasion to spend hilltop...

1. Lightweight jacket for those crisp mountain evenings- I chose a safari style that looks just as great belted over a cocktail dress as it does worn casually with a pair of shorts
2. Statement necklace (similar)
3. Swimsuit (It's a one-piece this year. On sale here!)
4. Comfortable yet chic dress
5. Classic peep toes with a chunkier heel- remember, you might have to hike in them (similar)
6. Special skirt- goes with a tank for shopping by day or cocktails by night
7. Stylish shorts you can still maneuver in- did I mention there's a croquet court? 
9. Animal cocktail ring (bonus points if it's a liger)
10. White tank- this one's a peplum (similar)
11. Vintage evening bag
12. Gladiator sandals (similar)
14. Pashmina (wrap up your laptop or's a multitasker)


  1. Linds! This is SUCH a great of my faves you've ever done. Looks like you've been doing some killer shopping. I am so envious of your fabulous wardrobe!!!

    1. Thanks, Beince! Sigh, a little shopping has been done but ALL on sale. :)

  2. Can't wait to see the completed looks this weekend!


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