Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Look For Less: Slippers

Welcome to Wednesday and another Look for Less. Today's topic: the oh so chic slipper. If you know your brands, you'll know right away which of these shoes is the high end version and which is the money saver. I've (poorly) disguised their brand name where possible without compromising the shoes' design. No peeking! So which of these is the Look for Less? 

If you guessed the shoe on the right as the more cost effective choice, then you're right! Of all places, the Gap has a whole slew of precious slippers crying out to soothe your tired, achy feet. Of course, they are imitating the originals, the Stubbs & Wootton on the left. They are buttery and delicious but they are also ten times more expensive. Yep, the Gap option is $40 while the real deal is $400! 

Life might just be too short for cheap wine and cheap shoes. How do you feel about these options? Which one would you choose? 

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