Thursday, August 2, 2012

Two for One Day- Look for Less + Wear It Now & Later

My apologies to you for the lack of a Look for Less post yesterday. To make up for it, you're getting a two for one today! 

Let's talk about transitioning now. We're starting to see the new season's clothes slowly creep into stores. Yes, though it may not feel like it, fall is approaching. After the hot summer we've had, growing tired of the same old summer outfits is only natural. Colored denim can be a great way to mix your fall wardrobe with your warm weather pieces and still feel comfortable while looking good. The photo below shows two great emerald green denim options. So which one do you think costs more? 

You can purchase the trousers on the left at Dorothy Perkins for under $40! Tory Burch designed the hotness on the right and they ring up at about $200. For a trendy purchase like colored denim, saving rather than splurging is a good idea, unless you absolutely love colored denim...or Tory Burch for that matter. 

However, investing in one of these pairs now might not be a bad idea. You can wear them with a tonal colored shell, your favorite espadrilles (these on sale!) and a raffia clutch for a cute look to get you to October. 

After Halloween rolls through (at least in the South), add a fun pop of color to an otherwise neutral color palette. Embellishments optional. 

The promise of cooler weather gets me through some of these stifling days. After all, when I got my "colors" done as a pre-teen, the Avon lady said I was an autumn. Can you summers blend in fall colors? Or are you still in full tilt warm weather wardrobes? 


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    1. Glad you like. They are almost TOO fab!

  2. I am so pumped to see a fall transition outfit! What a lovely combo!

    1. Woo hoo!! Fall is gonna happen for real one of these days.


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