Monday, July 30, 2012

Carven Obsession

Do these two pictures make your heart go pitter patter? They did mine. As it turns out, both looks are by Carven, which has now become my latest designer obsession.

via Vermillion and InStyle

Solange Knowles (right) appeared in this Carven number back in their February issue. I remember that article vividly as it literally was one of the first signs of Spring. Then and there, the Carven collection cast its spell on me and I'm sure a few others. Then, two weeks ago, Vermillion owner Ashley Harris texted me the photo on the left, saying it was calling my name. She was right and little did she know I was already a sucker for the label.

At face value, the French brand's use of vibrant colors and interesting patterns would reel anyone right in. But what I love most about Carven is how easy the pieces are to wear. Throw a safari inspired jacket over the jacquard dress below when the weather cools down. Pair the peplum knit and patterned skirt with a cute pair of flats for a quick jaunt during the day. You can dress these looks up or down as much as you need and their transitional fabrics make them wearable no matter the weather.

While I never did find Solange's exact dress at a reasonable price, this fabulous tribal inspired dress below did go on super sale...sooo...we all have to have it. 

And while the pieces below are newer and not on sale racks, you had better get 'em while the gettin's good!

Have I made a Carven concubine out of you? Okay, yikes, maybe concubine is the wrong word but you know what I mean!


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