Thursday, July 5, 2012

Southern Accent

Happy Monday! Oh's not Monday. Who else is totally thrown off from a mid-week holiday? Not that I'm complaining...

How did you spend your holiday? We had a great, relaxing day around town. But about 6 p.m. last night, I decided to start painting my third bedroom. Yep, waited allll dag-on day to START yet another house project. My selling point to my doubting beau- and anyone else calling me crazy- was that I was only painting an accent wall. I think that has now become true though, as one wall has one coat on it and it's looking better already. 

How do you feel about an accent wall? Are they so 2,000 and late? A few eye-catchers to give you a minute to mull it over...

via Houzz

 via DecorPad

 Shirley Miesels via Houzz

via Tumblr

 Jenna Lyons' nursery via Elle Decor

via Style At Home

Whether you like an accent wall in your home or not, you'll find updates here as I get closer to finishing this new project. Maybe I can make a believer out of you...or make my room look totally ridiculous. Fingers crossed for the former!!

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