Monday, July 23, 2012

Great Debate: Leather Shorts

Lucky Magazine recently posted an article about why leather shorts are "dumb" and no one should ever wear them. Being a fan of year-round leather, I couldn't believe that THE magazine about shopping would publish an article that dogged out an article of clothing beloved by most women in the fashion world. The article went on to say that women's legs looked shiny in leather shorts because of sweat running down their legs. Personally, I find that claim 100% ridiculous. From experience, I own a pair of leather shorts that I find versatile, comfortable and never once given me a twinge of swamp ass. By the way, I live in the the 100% humidity 180 days out of the year. 

Today, I'd like to defend leather shorts' honor. As our summer clothes gradually become less exciting and more of a burden in this heat, transitional pieces, like leather shorts, become the key to keeping one's wardrobe fresh and resilient. Now, you can add a white cotton shell (bonus points for a peplum) and your favorite strappy sandals to make this centerpiece warm weather appropriate.

House of Harlow Earring/Zara Peplum Top/Bangle/Jules Smith Skull Bangle/Bangle/Leather Shorts/Madison Harding Sandals

In the fall and winter, your leather shorts investment continues to deliver by adding a blazer, black tights and ankle boots. The look comes off as an updated classic, perfect for any evening out on the town.

Stella & Dot Tassel Necklace/Boundary & Co. Blazer/Leather Shorts/SPANX tights/Rag & Bone Newbury Boot

Hopefully today those who read the Lucky article can read this post and decide for their selves. As for me, I might be wearing leather shorts today...and the rest of the week in protest. 


  1. Love those stacks of bangles! Really brightens up the outfit.

    1. Don't they remind you of Yarbie bangles??

  2. possibly the first use of swamp ass in a fashion write up, love it!

    1. Haha- not sure if I should be proud or ashamed but I'll have to own it!!


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