Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let's Get Together and DISH


Usually this blog is reserved for posts on fashion and interior decorating, but today I'm going to be bold and dive deep into table settings. Some of you out there may be little Martha Stewart or Eddie Ross apprentices, but some of you may be more like me and have only recently expanded your scope of "styling" to the table.

For me, the entire desire to decorate my table started at Thanksgiving, when I saw so many beautiful dining room table settings and realized that I not only have nothing in the way of beautiful accessories like tablecloths and candlesticks, I also don't own but THREE plates! How can this be, you might ask. Simply put, most plates broke when I moved (cough cough...two years ago...) and I've just ignored the issue...until I laid eyes on some perfectly suitable plates for my dining room table...

If you haven't seen my house before, it's decorated with more whimsy and fun than tradition or pomp. These hand painted ceramic plates from M. Bagwell are right up my alley. I love the graphic polka dots mixed in with stripes and swirls. In fact, this entire collection is called Mix & Match! Check out the charger, bowls and salad plate below...

M. Bagwell
M. Bagwell

M. Bagwell

It even looks fantastic set with solid Vietri! And who can resist mixing damask and dots??

Of course the polka dotted pattern could benefit from a tiny bit of playful sophistication, don't you think? These TAG Hobnail Edge glass plates look elegant on their own yet play off the polka dots without competing but complementing. I love those scalloped edges and it's a total bonus that they're completely clear!

The Weed Patch Store

Since the plates and bowls read fairly girlie, I would keep the stemware really simple and sleek. This Luigi Bormi Michaelangelo stemware offers some grown-up sensibility to my playful and chipper table setting.

Bed, Bath & Beyond

Among all of these new and modern graphic pieces, my grandmother's silver would offer a beautiful layer of tradition and intricacy.

This is Glamorous

Yet among all of my planning, I have yet to find a place mat or tablecloth worthy of my dream-world set-up. Maybe one of these by Sferra? A solid would be the safe choice, but a pattern could bring another layer of whimsy to the table. (No pun intended.) What do you think?

Gracious Style

Would hot pink be too much?? I think it might be the perfect color to DISH over...


  1. Love the dotted tablescaping ideas... For a Soggy-Licious tablecloth, I'm going to suggest Printer's Alley and DIY!!

  2. You are a genius! Of course I can't find a tablecloth I don't doesn't exist yet! :)

  3. Like the M. Bagwell, I have her Christmas stuff and just had some people over for dinner tonight, served as a nice little sandra-leeish tablescape!

  4. Oh I forgot your Christmas china was from the same company. And it's so cute too! Cheerful tablescapes! I bet it would be fun combined with the black and white polka dots...hmmmm...a little food for though...I know they have these plates at The Nook in Wilson!!


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