Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fancy Pants


We all put our pants on one leg at a time. But, I must admit, forcing my "athletic," curvy legs into tight skinny jeans can really ruin my morning. That's why I'm thrilled that designers have reintroduced wide leg trousers for this winter and still showcase them for spring.

Though there are varieties of trouser fabrics and colors, the appealing elements of the silhouette remain constant. The look is leg lengthening and waist defining. You want these pants to fit closer to your natural waist, not low slung. And the hem should hit almost at the bottom of your shoe's heel. Otherwise, you'll appear to be walking on two tree trunks!

Harper's Bazaar

From season to season, the quickest and easiest style formula seems to be interesting blouse tucked into wide leg pants + chunky boots/wedges = polished perfection. Keep your shoes substantially thick. Anything too dainty will be lost against the width of the leg.
You can wear them now with blazers, furs and sweaters and tuck in silky blouses and cotton tees come warmer weather.

But during this cooler time of year, introduce some layering to add interest. Take a cue from Filipa Fino, Senior Accessories Editor at Vogue, or Joanna Hillman, Senior Market Editor at Harper's Bazaar, for wintertime styling- faux fur and color elevate the polished neutral trousers while adding an element of whimsy.


In the spring, sophisticated stripes and lightweight jackets create an easy and breezy girl-about-town look. Rebecca Taylor offers laidback elegance with her nautical inspired pieces on Net-a-Porter. And, once again, Fino looks fab in her pair, even in their bright red fabric.



MiH Marrakesh Jeans from Shopbop

If you're now feeling sold on the style, check out EmersonMade's BlueBells or Old School Straight Leg jeans. I'm also a huge fan of MiH's Marrakesh Jeans.

During the winter doldrums, work on finding items that you can use now and help you transition into spring later. If year-round style is your goal, then these pants are the perfect leg up for you!

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