Friday, December 31, 2010

Comfort and Joy

This time of year, we're all worn out from the mixing and mingling brought on by all of the wonderful holidays. But January and February equal LOUNGEuary in my world. It's the one time of year, especially in the South, where you really don't want to brave the elements. There's no tennis or football to play or gardening to do. So why not wrap up in something nice and toasty to get you through the next 59 days??

Introducing the luscious and luxurious bed and bath linens line Private Quarters. My aunt introduced my mom to it about a year or so ago. None of us in my family had ever heard of the brand before- most likely because it's a direct sales line not found in stores- but we all needed our linens updated desperately after college, moving and pets had destroyed our once pristine sheets and towels.

Private Quarters

Now, a year and a half later, every bed in my house is covered in Private Quarters linens- whether it's cotton sheets with a sateen finish, plush down comforters or a lightweight blanket- and every morning, I make a concerted effort to "treat" myself to my clean, white Private Quarters bamboo cotton towels before wrapping up in my plush white robe. If you're sitting on my couch, you're most likely curled up in a Private Quarters faux fur or down throw. And DEFINITELY if you're a friend of mine who recently got married, you received something from Private Quarters as a wedding gift...whether you registered for it or not!

Private Quarters

Blissful Bed and Bath

Private Quarters

Interestingly enough, PQ (as we have affectionately called it) created the Seven Layers of a Blissful Bed philosophy. From the mattress pad (which I NEVER realized could make such a difference until I had a nice one) to the bed skirt, PQ runs the gamut of luxury and warmth.

PQ has already grown up in just the short time we've known it. What once started as the basic essentials of linens has transformed into a company filled with stylish options for not only your bedroom but now your closet!

The Blissful Bed and Bath

The Blissful Bed and Bath

From their Touch of Mink line, PQ now offers faux fur vests, scarves and even hats! My mom actually gave me one of the vests for Christmas and I absolutely love it! It's more lightweight and less invasive that a fluffy faux fur but equally as stylish, if not more so! She also had a pair of PQ slippers around the house that I quickly made mine for the weekend...

PQ Vest and I before shopping trip on Penny's photo bomb!

PQ also sells the softest and sweetest bamboo cotton pajamas and loungewear with reasonable price tags- for once! Plus you can find tote bags from PQ to pack your items in whenever you head out on an overnight trip. Convenience and comfort?! Yes, please!

The Blissful Bed and Bath

Private Quarters

If you have hunted for sheets and towels in the last few years, then you know the best sets have become harder and harder to find. PQ conveniently lets you shop from your own home, whether you host a group party or just order from their catalog.

And here's an insider tip: HUGE SALE starts January 5! Check out the website for more information and see if a little extra comfort translates into more joy in your life!

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  1. Well done sis...I can't wait to put our seacell sheets on our bed. They are the best. Your vest looks great, BTW!


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