Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Merry After-Christmas, everyone!! I hope you filled your holidays with fun, joy and quality time with people you love.

After whirlwind road trips to 70-degree Texas only to return to a snow-fallen (and might I add FREEZING!) North Carolina, I happily sit on my couch in my own home with a warm chai tea and the Today Show, the gorgeous warmth of the holidays left to memories and photos...

My parents' front yard covered in more than a foot of snow!

Mom and Dad's house from the water...beautiful!

My beau and I had a blast everywhere we went- and we went to a LOT of places! The gift giving exceeding all expectations but the laughter and fun really had us in stitches. Tubing behind Dad's Suburban, jumping on trampolines with Geoff's nephews and niece, battling bouts of car-sickness (human and canine) are the stuff that memories are made of. Anyone at our Christmases can tell you that each year I pick a gift wrapping theme...thank you very much, Target. I couldn't wait to see everyone's reactions to the gifts we had selected especially for them...

Candy cane stripes with silver accents for the NC Christmas crew.

Red, green and gold for Christmas in Texas.

But after 10 days of traveling, getting, giving and EATING, it's time to settle in and enjoy these last few days before re-entry into the real world.

As a New Year's resolution, I asked my beau if he and I could promise to sit at my dining room table more often. Having fallen victim to the hypnotizing television, bamboo trays and ottomans usually become our place setting for dinner.

But Santa and my beau delivered on their promises, new plates and bowls and a gorgeous Beatriz Ball platter. The whole idea of having a nice table set-up had me so inspired, I sprang for new placemats in a wonderful metallic and feathery tromp l'oeil.

Voila la finished product!

A new table for two

Placemats from Lewis's Gifts in Louisiana, Tag Hobnail bowls and plates, Beatriz Ball platter with my grandmother's silver serving and silverware and crystal given to me by Geoff's mom

If you know me, then you know that casual glamour best describes my approach to style. This table conveys all that and more. Besides looking beautiful, every piece on the table has a story behind it, which I love. They were all gifts from loved ones and have come together so nicely, putting the chic in this shabby chic room. I'm so pleased with the way that not only the table turned out, but also the entire Christmas holiday.

But the holidays aren't over yet. Hold on tight because New Year's Eve is fast approaching! Now to work off those five pounds in the next five days...Glad to be back!!


  1. I would like to have a cozy dinner for 2 with you at that table!

  2. The place setting looks great! Way better than my own and that's after registering for a wedding! But no surprise - you wear the style pants in the fam! Love love love your stuff. Great spending so much time w/ you and Geoff! Xoxox!

  3. Beks, you are due a visit. I'll keep the table set and the food warm until you get here! Beince, puh-lease! We both have a leg in the style pants...


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