Monday, July 25, 2011

A Fan

As you may know, this blog typically focuses on style, fashion, decorating and the occasional entry about entertainment. However, today I have to broaden the scope a little to write about one of my newest, and possibly most ridiculous, obsessions. In advance, I ask for your forgiveness and understanding...

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Meet my new obsession: the Dyson Air Multipler, the little bladeless fan that could...and does. To understand my appreciation of this bit of design genius, you must know two things about me: (1) I cannot sleep without a fan and (2) I do not want any eye sores anywhere in my will be thrown have been warned. This need for constant airflow and white noise has led to the purchase of a great many heinous metal fans that result in a clanging p.o.s. puffing out little bit of a breeze after a year or two of solid use.

Yet, upon meetin this little gem at Best Buy, my home cooling, sleeping and design needs were all met at once. To think I'm such a fan..of a fan.

(Oh, hello, Mr. Dyson- you cheeky inventor, you!)

via Guardian

I have done the research and asked many questions. There are quite a few reasons why this little buddy comes at such a high price. Of course, I'm not ready to shell out the dough for a fan, but if money was no object, or Santa really wanted to get me something I would never buy myself, this Dyson dream would be on my list.

I can say that this blows out an unprecedented amount of COLD air without those whacky air waves that blades produce. You can alter its speed, make it oscillate, all of that fun stuff. It's also a gorgeous color of blue that I wouldn't mind people noticing somewhere in my house!

With this summer's "heat dome" hovering over the East Coast and every other part of the country, there is certainly a case for this type of purchase. One computer tech raved that he noticed a 10 degree cooler temp in his computer suite within one day of using this little gem. Imagine if you could save money on your power bill because of an ingenious fan!

Anyway, thank you for indulging me today. I promise to get back on track after today. Just wanted to see if there were any more fans out there...


  1. I hear you on this one. Ive been intrigued of this for a while. I'm certainly a fan of their vacume, which works better than any other I've seen. Good luck with Santa.

  2. Maybe we can arrange a timeshare.


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