Thursday, July 14, 2011

La Fete Nationale

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Obviously, I'm a lover of ze French. (Hello, blog title...) It just so happens that today, in France, is Bastille Day or La Fete Nationale. It also just so happens that my very own sister is in France as we speak! (Bonjour, sissy!) For these reasons, I'd like to take this day to celebrate French style.

J'adore the Parisian chic. The French girls epitomize casual glamour, which has always been my personal style preference. I'm wearing a giant fur coat while getting coffee. So what?

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Day or night, the look is effortless. Read: not sloppy. EFFORTLESS. Relaxed. Not forced.

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Of course, nobody does glamour better. Even Americans in France know how to step it up just enough while visiting Paris...


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via Garance Dore

Bringing a little joie de vivre into your wardrobe this summer is so simple. Take a cue from Anja Rubik above and pair a basic tee with ragged cut-offs a seriously elegant jacket, preferably in tweed. Or weigh down a sweet, breezy dress with ballet flats and a leather jacket. Of course, the old mariniere striped tee is a classic and speaks volumes on its own. Voulez-vous de la mode?

Bon 14 de juillet, tous le monde!

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  1. I wish my "effortless" didn't look sloppy. Thanks for the motivation! :) xo


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