Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rainy Day Women

Blake Lively shields herself from the New York rain on the set of "Gossip Girl."

If you live in Wilmington, or anywhere across the Southeast, you know
that it's been raining.

A lot.

And while we're very grateful to finally have some precipitation, protecting one's self and her clothing proves to be quite difficult! My usual fall wardrobe of long jeans and suede booties just won't hold up against puddles six-inches deep. In the spring and summer, it was easy to just throw on my Millard Fillmore rain jacket with a pair of shorts and topsiders and hit the road. But in the cooler months, a little more preparation is required to keep us dry and warm!

My Millard Fillmore anorak from Monkee's in Wilmington

At first glance, dressing for cool, wet weather seems daunting, but with the right styling tools and a bit of a sense of humor, dressing for yucky winter weather can actually be a great way to assert your best sense of style.

Tory Burch fur parka for Fall 2010.

Kate Moss in Hunter wellies on a yucky and mucky day.

In lieu of the four days straight of rain we are to expect in Wilmington, I've chosen some of my favorite necessities for rainy days- a blend of the two images above.

First, a proper topper. May I introduce to you the Ali Ro anoraks- original and ruffled styles. These jackets offer great protection from the weather but are cute enough to throw on even in sunny weather.

For those really cold months, nothing beats a functional parka with a touch of fur. Land's End makes the fabulous, functional and more affordable Luxe Down Coat.

And while I love my turquoise blue anorak for spring and summer, this fall calls for sophisticated colors, such as black, chocolate brown or olive.

Next, a great pair of rain boots:

I'd love to think that I could get everywhere I need to go by tucking these classic Hunter wellies into skinny jeans, but some offices or occasions might require a more sophisticated look, such as these sleek Vivienne Westwood Anglomania rain booties.

Finally, for those nastiest of days, every girl needs a trusty umbrella. While I used to love cutesy patterned umbrellas, I've come to realize that something sleeker and more basic tends to go with every coat, boot, glove, hat, etc. all year long. Obviously, the costumers on "Gossip Girl" got me thinking about these super cool options...plus, you gotta love that cane handle!

Totes clear umbrella

So bring on the downpour for two more days! The wind and rain are no match for functional fashion.


  1. I loved those clear umbrellas on GG. A trendy rain trench and some wellies. I'll be all set. love you!

  2. Thank goodness for that awesome Millard Fillmore coat. I was so thrilled to find it at Belle and Company!


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