Friday, September 17, 2010

Celebrity Doppelganger Day V

It's the final day of Celebrity Doppelganger week! Thank you all so much for your feedback this week. It's fun, of course, to select these looks and dress up every morning, but without your comments and reactions, I wouldn't know if my plans were successful or not. So thank you again!!!

Now to talk shop! I happen to adore today's featured Olivia Palermo look. She's just kickin back in her pristine Upper East Side apartment in six-inch stilettos and sequins. No big deal, right?

But that effortless glamour is certainly what drew me to her outfit, so here is look number five...

What I'm wearing:

J. Crew paillette cardigan
Alice & Olivia Inside Out tee
Joe's Starlet jeans (same pair from Monday)
Gray faux suede ankle booties from Target (!)
Invicta watch
Silver and gold chain necklace from Wade's Designs

Sequins for daytime? Really?? Admittedly, I felt a little disco walking across the sun-filled parking lot at 9 a.m., but I also have a little extra pep in my step! As I've mentioned, I work in a creative industry and can get away with this look at work, but other people might want to consider a similar style for a fun dinner with friends or a more casual nighttime event.

During the course of this week, I've certainly learned quite a few things. One being that dressing in the vein of someone else calls for more risk and experimentation but, like most risks, once they pay off, the reward is great. Olivia's style also called for many more inexpensive pieces than I had expected. Go figure, right?! I happen to love the mix of high and low and am glad to see that our Park Avenue princess does too. But overall it was exhausting to try to look like someone else, so this week has been a good reminder to always stay true to yourself. I'm looking forward to getting back to my own style, but I'll be happy if a little of Olivia's creeps back in now and then too.

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  1. Great lesson at the bottom. So true that your style is your style and cannot REALLY by re-created because your look is like a fingerprint. I've enjoyed sharing your journey through my tweets this week. Great work!!!


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