Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beverly Thrills

Elie Tahari sent Spring sportswear looks down the runway that pleasantly reminded me of one of my all-time favorite movie characters...

That's right, ladies! It's Phyllis Neffler from "Troop Beverly Hills!" I love, love, LOVE this movie and certainly was mesmerized by all of Phyllis's couture wilderness girl uniforms as a child. But even as an adult, you have to appreciate her penache for fashion and wonder what the modern Neffler would don for the Annual Jamboree and Tuesday night troop meetings.

Tahari's spring fashion show presented glamorous yet functional sportswear that wasn't too trendy but still inherently modern.

Below are a few looks that I could definitely see Phyllis wearing now for meetings, cookie sales and cocktail parties.

I adore the mixture of khaki cotton with gold lame and bronze leather. It makes me want to find a chic khaki skirt or blazer to go with this Haltson Heritage lame top (that I don't own...yet!)

So, as Robin Leach would say, here's wishing you khaki wishes and cookie dreams!

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