Monday, September 13, 2010

Celebrity Doppelganger: Olivia Palermo

Anyone who watches "The City" must be thinking, "What is SHE doing here?" But, girls, the truth is that Olivia Palermo has an undeniable sense of style and great taste. Her fashion sense is so fabulous that even her Elle boss Joe Zee can't see firing her despite her personal and professional tiffs with well-establish public relations director Erin Kaplan.

For my own entertainment and curiosity, I've decided that this work week I'm going to channel Olivia Palermo's personal style for five days. Because, let's be honest, the girl CAN DRESS. I love her Park Avenue polish mixed with a hint of effortlessness. Olivia certainly has access to designer labels but she also loves to mix high-end luxe with affordable lines like Topshop.

For my first day in Palermo land, I'm starting off simple. Her casual look above is chock full of basics- a white tee, neutral jacket and all-American straight leg jeans. But the fun pop of color at her feet and chunky necklace are enough to elevate this look out of bland and into fab.

Here is my meek attempt. Disclaimer: I, in no way, believe I look like Olivia Palermo nor am I trying to become her. I am simply attempting to recreate her looks with my own wardrobe and self! (And this was early in the morning...)

And I'm laughing at myself for being so nerdy, but here goes!

Olivia-inspired look:

J. Crew ivory tee
Diesel leather jacket (my sis's)
Joe's Starlet jeans
Marc by Marc Jacobs sling backs
Wade's Design's citrine necklace

So that was my first try. Hopefully I'll get better (looking) as the week goes on! See if you can translate some of these looks with your closet. Or have a laugh on me!


  1. CUTE IDEA! Love it love it love it. And that jacket is pretty much yours now ;)

  2. Great idea, she has impeccable taste and style! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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