Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Access Althea

"Project Runway" golden girl Althea Harper has just launched her third collection since landing the runner-up position on the show during Season 6. At New York Fashion Week, Harper presented her Spring collection with sponsorship by Swagg. She proved that she has remained a relevant, down-to-earth designer who focuses on a sophisticated color palette and excellent tailoring. She makes clothes that real girls want to wear in their real lives- to work, to parties, on weekends. It's all access Althea all the time!

Althea Harper Spring 2011 Collection

Simple and sophisticated asymmetrical ensembles.

Personally, I love how every piece in the Althea Harper collection seems that it could be effortlessly mixed and matched with each other or pieces already existing in my own wardrobe. She creates wardrobe staples with a modern and fresh twist. On top of all that accessible goodness, Harper keeps her prices "affordable. Her collections' price points range from around $80 to $400.

Althea Harper, left, being interviewed by Sarah Evans.

In her interview with Swagg correspondent Sarah Evans, Harper explained that perhaps her mid-Western roots made it so important for her to create garments that are more than conceptual and certainly wearable. Of course, Harper keeps her clothing away from borderline boring by integrating texture- sheer panels on the sides of leggings, asymmetrical hemlines and moody patterns are just a few elements that she seems to incorporate from season to season.

Take a look at some of her past work...

Sheer panels on an evening gown from Althea Harper Fall 2010

Boyfriend blazer, pattern and jodpur-style pants from Althea Harper Fall 2010

Lame and greige at the Project Runway Finale Show

Silky separates on the Althea Harper Project Runway finale

Tough girl chic for the Althea Harper Project Runway finale

The fashion world has lots more to look forward to from this evolving designer. For more on Althea Harper, check out her website.

We down-to-earth fans can't wait to see what she offers us next.

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