Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mad for Mod: 60s Influence on Dressing and Decorating

Fashion magazines have been feverishly covering this fall's ladylike dressing trend. While most of these styles steal from the 50s, I can't help but notice some of the 60s references in fashion as well. (Apparently Stacey London feels the same way as she was on the Today Show this morning covering the exact same trend!) Call it the Mad Men phenomenon, but, lately, allusions to this decade seems to appear in everything from decorating to dressing.

Check out this Kate Spade look from Neiman Marcus...

The leopard chubbie reminds me of my mom's fur from the early 70s that she passed down to me last Christmas. One of the best surprises ever! And the shift dress is a quintessential mod look.

If Kate Spade's look became a room, I believe it would look a little something like this one...

This room was decorated recently by a student in design school, but those small 60s references are still there- industrial materials, the pedestal table, and the ever-present avocado green! Patterned carpets were also huge, although many of them showcased a more geometric print.

Spade did another shift dress for Fall, this one embellished with colorful jewels along the neckline and pockets.

The shift would fit right into the living room below not only because of its amethyst huge but also because of the gilded, shiny accents. Add in a velvet covered couch in can't get more mod than that!

Speaking of chartreuse, Kate Spade's next prim cardigan and pencil skirt look is a spot on derivative from the 1960s working woman's wardrobe. Can't you see career girl Peggy wearing something like this in Mad Men?

This polished look could transform into the room below. Again, there are several chartreuse/avocado green accents around the room and geometric shapes to be found all over. Of course, this room is one of the more modern rooms of those showcased in this post.

Finally, the other queen of ladylike dressing, Lela Rose, presented an updated look for the modern-day mod lover.

This dress looks like the new and improved version of this vintage style...

And the fashion embodiment of this amazing 1960s David Hicks' room...

With these vintage looks made modern, it's obvious that ladylike dressing doesn't have to be all buttoned up. Prim and proper doesn't have to mean boring and frumpy. Take a cue from these free-spirited looks and spice up your wardrobe with a sense of humor and a nod to mod.


  1. I'm totally jealous of how wildly creative this post is...this is something you'd see in a big magazine! So glad you're blogging these days, sis! You're kickin' azz!


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