Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just because the holidays have come and gone, it doesn't mean we can't continue to enjoy a little sparkle in the new year...

In 2011, I will make an effort to make every day and everyone around me feel special...

this is glamorous

Anna Routh Photography

I'm going to try to be more organized...


coco + kelley

Sit at the dinner table more...

this is glamorous

And be more generous...

Alison Conklin

What about you?


  1. thanks for the pic shout out here! did I tell you that our wedding is going to be a full length feature on THE wedding blog "Style Me Pretty"!?

  2. NO! That's so fun!!! Genna and Clark's was on there too and it was so well done. Make sure to let us know when it's on there!


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