Monday, January 3, 2011

Front Row Fashion: Net-A-Porter

Oh how I love these ads!

Right off the bat, the glitz and glamour greet us, causing me to swoon. The models photographed look like the six sisters of style, and there's no good reason why we commoners can't take a piece of each outfit and integrate it into our everyday looks.

(A statement necklace here. A leopard accent there. Oh! A chic and timeless camel coat too!)

When you look at these shots a little longer, they really do make us feel like we're sitting on the front row...waiting for Chanel's spring or Vera Wang bridal to parade by us...Maybe we're fashion editors, celubutantes or big name buyers...

Thanks, Net-A-Porter, for helping a girl live her dream. Even if it is vicariously through your brilliant ads.

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