Tuesday, January 11, 2011

An Oldie But A Goodie


I used to save stacks and stacks of magazines because they contained so many goodies, I couldn't bear to toss them out. Then someone started telling me that was turning into a hoarder and my magazines had to go. Alas, torn sheets of my favorite stories are all I have left, and, honestly, it's served me better this way. I can flip through them and, at a glance, decide if they are the day's inspiration or to be saved for later...without the added bulk of a full edition.

This Elle "Fashion Workbook" featuring Casey Fremont of NY's Art Production Fund has held permanent residence on my bedside shelf for almost a year now. I THINK Elle first published this story in February 2010 but I still love so much about it one year later. Trends that were only being forecast at the time still hold fast to style today. Isn't that encouraging?! Fashion is much less here-today-gone-tomorrow than some people used to claim...

At any rate, so many favorites pictured here. This 3.1 Phillip Lim dress below made me wish for a more glamorous workday, considering it was supposedly worn at 11 a.m. Monday morning. Can you imagine wearing this to work??

The striped blazer continues to be popular for this spring, not to mention gray nails and sweatshirt dressing by Alexander Wang.

Leopard Alexander Wang calfhair wedges while walking the dog? Yes, please! Some Alexis Bittar malachite earrings would also be a fab daily accessory to spice up the monochromatic palettes predicted for spring 2011.

Tribal prints and statement necklaces scream spring escapes...

And most fashion girls would love a Dries Van Noten statement necklace with green beading...any time of year!

This spring, you'll hopefully find that most of your options from last year will be just as fabulous reworn and slightly tweaked.

Of course, we have much thawing to do before then...

All images Elle Magazine

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