Friday, January 21, 2011

Live Colorfully

We might be in the dead of winter, but a much needed breath of fresh air and burst of brightness has been bestowed upon us courtesy of Kate Spade. InStyle magazine released behind the scenes pics from Kate Spade's Spring 2011 ad campaign, "Live Colorfully," featuring actress Bryce Dallas Howard. This season will be Howard's first as the face of Kate Spade. The "Lady in the Water" star and daughter of Ron Howard appears equally parts intriguing and approachable for the classically preppy Spade camp.

Check out a few of the playful images below. I love the candy-colored stripes mixed in with Howard's carefree attitude. There's a hint of the mod vibe, as with most Kate Spade styles, while maintaining a modern classic look- a balance we've come to expect from this design house.

InStyle also posted a behind-the-scenes look with this video. I love the Chicklet-ish necklace featured in some of the film shots that weren't visible in these photos as well as those hot pink wedges Howard so gracefully wears as she pedals the bike!

It will be interesting to see what Kate Spade presents us next season. For now though, I'll be inspired to Live Colorfully!

Off to paint my beach cruiser green!!

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  1. So refreshing! Thanks for the color inspiration, Kate. :)


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