Friday, January 14, 2011

Golden Glam

The 68th Annual Golden Globes will air this Sunday on NBC. Will you be watching?

We may not make it through the awards themselves, but you better believe we'll be glued to E! Live From the Red Carpet.

Here's a fashion fooray for a little red carpet prep...

Who will be crowned Best Dressed? What will preggers nominee Natalie Portman wear?? Can Anne Hathaway out-do herself again with a little help from our fav Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe?

Camille Styles

We'll wear our sequins and falsie eyelashes just to feel like we're there...while wrapped up in a blanket in the comfort of our own den.


  1. I hope Natalie Portman brings it. I have NOT liked any of her maternity clothing choices as of recent. All have been cut very straight, and I want to see a cute little empire waist and a bump, dammit!

    Also, Cameron Diaz's pink dress will forever be one of my faves. THOSE ARMS! Also like Eva Mendez's get up too - perfect for a couture wedding!

  2. Agreed on NP. I think she should bust it out Sunday night since she's the favored startlette to win. We'll see what she decides but it should absolutely be an avant-garde Rodarte if you ask me...

    Cameron D.'s bubblegum Chanel number is definitely emblazened in my mind but Reese's make-over reveal in the Nina Ricci short frock will always be my all-time favorite break-up bounce back!


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