Thursday, January 20, 2011

What's in Your Bag??

Happy Little Friday everyone! It's Thursday, and you know what that means- time for yet another edition of What's in Your Bag??!

This week, we feature the handbag stylings one of my oldest, dearest and indisputably one of my most talented friends, graphic designer Taylor Holmes. Tay, as we friends call our petite firecracker of a friend, lives in Charleston, SC, with her husband Riley, a local Charlestonian, but she's a full-bred North Carolinian at heart. And since Tay grew up in the bustling metropolis of our capital city, Raleigh, she brings big city style wherever she goes...Look out lowcountry!

As Tay shuffles between her work, home, and various points in between, she carries this grey Foley + Corinna handbag. I have to say, Taylor is one of the only other girls I know who loves color more than I do (this is the gal who designed HOT PINK lipgloss for each and every friend after spending the summer in a Thai cosmetic know I loved that!), so I was surprised that her tote of choice was grey! Upon further contemplation, I have decided that Taylor must use this neutral accessory as to not be limited by color in her daily wardrobe...

Taylor has taken the art of girlie-item schlepping to a whole new level, by carrying the metallic purse within a purse. This glittery foldover is not just any old bag though. She found it in Florence, Italy, on her honeymoon, and uses it as her petite go-to when evening events call and there's no time to run home. I love it's metallic finish, not to mention the fringe or its Italian manufacturing!!

You may also notice the absence of a proper wallet. Tay recently discovered a bin full of colorful binder clips at Staples and has decided to use a bright purple one as the "female money clip." Packs much better into a clutch that way, if you ask me!

When you look at this picture, Taylor's adoration for all colors becomes more apparent. Most notably, there's the green and white Trina Turk make-up case and the orange and white Cynthia Rowley planner. She also carries personalized notecards and grey nail polish- just in case- not to mention at least two flash drives to store all of her design files. Her shades are by Miu Miu and lipgloss by La Prairie. And don't forget the Hermes head band for bad-hair-day back-up or the peanut butter M&M's (for bad days in general)!

If you don't know my dear, sweet Tay or her awesome design skills, be sure to check out her blog Ciao Tay. On it, she showcases some of her brilliant graphic stylings, including her own Save the Dates and logos created for other businesses and events.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the contents of another fab friend's bag! It's almost Friday!!!

(all images by Taylor Holmes)


  1. Too Cute!!! I love your blog and just posted about the same thing today!

  2. Thanks, Sue!!! Going to check out your post now!


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