Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tomboy/Chic: Dree Hemingway Style Profile

Marie Claire

From casual to couture, Dree Hemingway knows how to rock it. Whether gambling on risky street styles or glamming up in sequins and fur, Hemingway somehow appears totally effortless and comfortable. How does she do that?? Very few girls can pull off a boxy fur layered over a grandpa cardigan and leather trimmed jeans while looking as relaxed as she would in her pj's.

In her daily life, Hemingway seems to rely on tomboy classics: oversized buttondowns, tough-girl boots and (skinny) denim. But even in these borrowed-from-the-boys looks, Hemingway appears alluring and gorgeous.

The Sartorialist

The Style Notebook

Teen Vogue

By night, Hemingway glams up her wardrobe while keeping her hair and make-up simple. Gilded and body con dresses compile the majority of her evening attire. Accessories are also kept to a minimum.


Spur (LOVE this shot!)

Look UK

All in all, I'd love to add a little effortless glam a la Dree into my looks by day and by night. Maybe a sweater sprinkled with sequins or some aggressive pumps would be just the trick...and Hemingway-approved...

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  1. I think she's beautiful but her legs are wayyyy too skinny!!!


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