Thursday, January 27, 2011



For the upcoming Spring, designers seem to have taken body con dressing to a whole new level. Instead of dresses being fitted skin tight a la Spanx suitable for viewing, cut-outs around the midriff have appeared from Prada to Gucci and beyond.

There is something alluring about this style, though. It's tastefully done, at least in these cases, and looks more like an accidental flash of flesh rather than a Charlotte Russe style ready to hit the clubs. To pull it off though, skirts must be generously cut at least to the knee and the fabric must look expensive. Cheap fabric + midriff flash = 90s tween

Gucci Spring 2011 from

Harper's Bazaar

Gucci Spring 2011 from

Luckily, this new cut-out culture isn't one of full frontal offense. It's a more rib cage than belly and thank goodness for that. We can still wear our Spanx and enjoy our dinner. After all, not all of us can pull off a Bradshaw.


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