Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday's Look For Less: Gingham Button Down

Honestly, I'm not into gingham right now but I AM into buffalo check...or so I thought. Do you know the difference between gingham and buffalo check? Apparently gingham is the smaller plaid usually created with red and white or blue and white while buffalo check is usually much larger in scale and created with broader color spectrum, namely black. Who knew?! So you may have a buffalo check tablecloth but a gingham shirt. Lesson for the day!

At any rate, I thought my gingham phase had ended when I gave up hope of ever becoming Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz." (Still looking for ruby slippers, I'll admit.) But small gingham prints are so fresh this spring when paired with liberty florals and spring's new denim interpretations. Now that's a horse of a different color.

These two tops are darn near identical. Can you even guess which one costs more? The shirt on the left can be purchased at C. Wonder for $68. The option on your right rings up for $49.95 at the Gap. Admittedly, less than $20 difference is not the grandest of savings. HOWEVER, Gap is offering 25% off your entire purchase with the code GAP25. Now we're talking! Suddenly the $50 shirt is just over $35. Excellent.

Still not convinced? CHECK out the way these gingham tops are styled.

via Gap

via Tumblr

The styling each of these photos shows why gingham will be a great print to own this spring and summer. Remember, though, the look we want is more fashion forward, less Daisy Duke. (Toto optional.)

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