Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Suit Yo'self

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Are you loving springtime suits these days? I don't know if my new adoration for coordinated pieces is because it's been a freezin' cold spring or because I'm about to hit 3-0 (27 days but whose counting?) but I can't get enough of the matchy-matchy two piece...and I ain't talkin' bikinis. (Thank goodness!)

Suits these days don't have to be corporate. There are floral short suits, Chanel-inspired tweeds and, yes, even double-breasted eighties-inspired goodness. It's an easy way to dress in the morning- just add tee shirt/tank/button down, killer accessories, an amazing bag and you're good to go! Take a look at these unexpected yet perfectly polished options for spring.

While I haven't taken the suit plunge yet, it has crossed my mind. Remember you can always buy these pieces one at the time to save a little dough and enjoy wearing one now and the entire ensemble later. Do I happen to have an example? Why, yes!

I predict many more photos of me wearing this jacket in the future...

Happy spring suiting! 

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