Monday, April 8, 2013

It's Not Coachella. It Is Avett Brothers.

Maybe a four-day music festival just isn't your scene anymore. It's certainly not mine. While my Bonnaroo hankerings have wained, a good show is still something to be enjoyed...and something for which we must plan outfits. 

Luckily Coachella inspiration has started to grace the front pages of many style sites and blogs. It's perfect timing for those of us attending the Avett Brothers show here on Friday as part of the North Carolina Azalea Festival. Today's outdoor venue inspiration comes from queen of the boho scene, Kate Bosworth, and hottie with a body Rosie Hutington-Whiteley. If I can manage to look one-tenth as good as they do, I'll be satisfied. 

Why you should consider Rosie's look:

1- Booties at an outdoor concert are an invaluable asset. They push those of us under 5'5" up high enough to hang with the rest of the gang but are still comfortable enough to stand up and shake it for two hours. Plus, they keep your toes clean in the midst of spilled beers and dropped nachos- whether you are tall or short.

2- Shorts and a long-sleeve shirt are a rare sight in North Carolina. It's either hot or cold here so we're either in jeans and a fleece or shorts and a tank top. But rolling up your sleeves while the sun is still high is much more comfortable than pulling a Huckleberry Finn and hoisting up the hem of your jeans. When the sun goes down and the chill sets in, you'll be happy to have a long sleeve...not so happy to be sweaty in jeans.

3- Denim shorts are your best friend at an event like this one. You certainly don't want to be manhandling a purse so pockets are key. Denim is also indestructible so say the mood strikes you and you need to gator on stage, you're in good shape- your jeans shorts will stay on and wash well.

Why you should consider Kate's look:

1- We are talking about North Carolina here. A shower could pop up at any minute and the weather man is calling for them on Friday. Looking chic in the rain is as easy as your wellies and a jacket. Just make sure the layer you wear underneath is lightweight and comfortable because you'll be otherwise constricted.

2- A pile of fun necklaces is a no-brainer and looks cute layered beneath the jacket. Be careful not to pop yourself in the face though as you jump up and down. 

3- My plea for pockets and closed-toe shoes again: You'll be so super duper happy to go hands-free and keep your cell phone, camera, cash and keys contained in one or two sturdy pockets. You'll also be happy to go home with clean feet unless you consider dirty toes part of the experience.

Sunglasses in the rain optional.

Are you going to any outdoor shows or festivals this year? Hopefully some of these style tips will help you no matter where you are or who you're going to see!


  1. Rosie is so perf. Love the booties you picked, I live in mine!

    1. Looking for those burlap Tom's high and low! I have gray ones from fall and I looooove them.

  2. Please gator on stage, pretty please.

  3. Also white blouse open to navel will keep your companion looking at you and not at the concert stage!

    1. Hahaaaaaaaa! So true...a few others might be looking too.


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