Friday, April 5, 2013


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What kind of coffee table do you use in your home? I'm in need of a new table- one that I can kick my feet up on, place drinks, withstand dog other words, I need something not too precious. I find myself gravitating toward lucite. How do you feel about it? 

Lucite is pretty much invisible. 
Keeping the look light is key in a teeny tiny living room like mine. 

Lucite seems to look best mixed with more traditional pieces. 
Good thing since my living room furniture is fairly trad.

The space underneath the table ends up being perfect for storing magazines, hardback books and ottomans. 
Unexpected storage is huge when space is at a premium. 

Best of all, lucite tables come in a wide range of prices. 
You can buy a small side table for $70 or a fancy trunk for $1000. I'll go for the $70 option...

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Since lucite is so hot right now, I dare call it trendy.
Will I look back at these photos in 10 years or even 5 years and be over it? 

Just like glass or wood, lucite can scratch.
Another reason why I wouldn't invest a bunch in this type of table.

Big dogs wag big tails, knocking over perfectly placed accessories on low tables.
Should I stay away from a coffee table all together until I have a bigger house?

Those are all of my crazy thoughts. What do you think? How do you solve the small room/big dog/need for table space dilemma? I'm all ears!


  1. I love the lucite! But I can't leave the comfort of my square leather fits perfectly in the corner of our sectional, is great for kicking up your feet, and becomes an instant TV dinner table with a tray on it. Can't wait to see what you choose!

    1. Oh, your ottoman is perfect with that sectional. If I could have such an awesome and cozy set-up, I definitely would!


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