Monday, April 1, 2013

Porch Pondering + Weekend Snap

I hope you all had happy and joyous Easter weekends! If you had Friday off, like I did, then I hope you found yourself having fun and doing what you enjoy with the folks you love! On Friday, my beau and I started painting the front porch. The floor badly needs repainting after five years of dog claws, boot stomps and heel piercings but you can't paint your floor until you paint everything else. So we started with the ceiling. These are just a few sneak peeks until the big porch reveal but...

 I chose the Olympic paint color Morning Cloud for the ceiling. We were going for a sky blue but the house being a blue-gray itself, our choice had to have a dose of gray in it. Though the ceiling is a bit more of an overcast sky blue, it looks sooooo much better than it did before. Of course, now the rest of the molding and posts need to be repainted and then the floor will follow. All in a day's work...

The revamping of the porch has me pondering the need for a porch redecorating. How do you arrange your front porch? Originally I thought I would just add a rug and a Chippendale bench. I already have a black rocking chair and an iron table and chair set. But then I started wandering around the Internet and...

Outdoor Furniture/ Rug/ Floor Color/ Ceiling Color

I am suddenly in love with this very neutral color scheme against this very graphic print and certainly the fabulous furniture from Lane Venture. Wouldn't it be nice to have a real outdoor living space you could enjoy before the temps turn sweltering? 

It's just a thought...until the big porch reveal, I leave you with a few other shots from the weekend. Hope you had a good one!

Ab fab floor lamp from the Rogue Vintage booth at The Eclectic 

Lacquered goodness from the Rogue Vintage booth

Sunrise at the Easter service on Wrightsville Beach

I could get used to going to church like this...


  1. That beach looks so lovely! I'm glad you had a fabulous Easter weekend :) xo


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