Monday, September 17, 2012

What a Day in Santa Fe!

I should have known this weekend in Santa Fe was going to be a good one because it started with two precious donkeys!

Who knew donkeys were total sweethearts?? This momma and baby came right to us and would have let us pet them for hours. Such cuties!

Then I headed to Bonanza Creek Ranch, the site of almost every single Western movie you've ever heard of or seen. 

While I'm not very well versed on the Western classics, I can certainly appreciate a good boutique...

...and bar. (Gotta love those tin ceilings!)

The ranch also hosts this house, which will star in the upcoming January Jones/Ed Harris film "Sweetwater." Regardless of how the film turns out, you have to love a wraparound porch and turquoise trim. 

My inner artist tried to emerge with my Georgia O'Keeffe homage...

From Bonanza Creek Ranch, we headed to Cerrillos for a trail ride. My horse, Abby, was super sweet and so fun to ride. Can you become a horse person if you ride once every 14 years?? 

Now that I'm officially a cowgal, I had to end the day with an ice cold brew. The funky town of Madrid got my pesos. 

So what is there to say but Yippee Ki Yi Yay! It's time to kick off the boots and take a little rest in the shade...until the next time we're ready to saddle up!

Have you spent time in Santa Fe before? If so, please send me your tips!

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