Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion in Full Swing

Fashion Week has taken New York City by storm and wannabe fashion editors and It girls can't wait to get their hands on shots from the runway! (Wannabes = those of us who wish were there while the real deals enjoy their front row seats.)

While many more designers still have to show, some of my favorites had one must-have piece in common: the full, a-line skirt. And thank GAWD for that! Flared skirts, in my opinion, are one of the absolute most flattering pieces a gal can ever choose to wear. Waist-defining, thigh-slimming, length-varying, there's not much more feminine than a perfectly carved hourglass silhouette with the help of an a-line skirt.

Lela Rose

Rag & Bone 


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Can't wait til spring? You're in luck. Full skirts are major for fall. And because of its universal appeal, this piece comes in a wide range of price points. So splurge or save, you're closet and your figure will thank you for this piece.

Full skirts aren't exactly groundbreaking fashion news but their popularity has definitely increased due to the resurgence on the runway. Remember that lightweight materials work better on boyish figures while the structure of a thicker fabric does more disguising. If you like pleating, remember that the more pleats the skirt has, the more movement it will have- something to consider on a windy day. Finally, if you want to disguise volume in your hips, make sure you steer away from pleats all together.

Long live the feminine full skirt! Have you seen any spring pieces that jumpstart your heart?


  1. Yeppp...A-Line works for the Suggs sistas. Thanks for featuring!

    1. So glad they're coming back with a vengeance!


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